Link Building Strategies for New Sites

SEO is actually an art of optimizing different sites and blogs to get better visibility over different search engines using organic strategies. The use of relevant and common keywords related to their niche area over the sites or blogs is just one part of search engine optimization process. The prominent aspect of SEO is the link building activity. Hence link building is considered as the most integral part of search engine optimization. It is important both for the new and old websites. In order to create some successful link building strategy, you need to get back links from quality and authority websites of your niche area pointing to your site. Let’s talk about some of the best link building strategies for new sites.

Creating high quality content

Content is considered as king; hence it has a prime importance in search engine optimization. The basic ingredient you need to make a site is a good content, which you are going to put over your site. Content is not simply restricted to text on your site but also includes videos, audios and relevant photos. So, whether you want to put any article discussing about your business and the different products or services or want to put the ideas in the form of a video is entirely your choice. For good link building strategy for any new website you need to create high quality and useful content on a regular basis.

Spotting some best directories

Directory submission plays an important role in link building strategy especially when you are working with new sites. But when it comes of choosing them, it is always important to select the right one to get the best outcome. If you want some inexpensive options, you would probably want to go with the free directories. Whether you choose free or paid, don’t forget to check the number of pending links, which are associated with this particular directory. This will help you in knowing the number of sites being submitted and are waiting for review. If you see a big figure then better avoid such directories, since it means that this particular directory is no more active. In the same way, avoid directories having limited number of active listings, as this is also a sign of passive directory. Always use the directories, which are reputed ones and are related to your niche area.

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The other vital link building strategy is creating and managing blogs. The fact is, search engines particularly Google simply loves blog provided it is updated on a regular basis with quality content. By publishing useful and interesting content over your blogs, you prepare your blog to receive backlinks from authority websites found in your niche area. All you need to do is to produce quality content by incorporating relevant and specific keywords related to your business or niche area. So, whenever you are working with a new site for link building strategies, consider blogs as an important ingredient of your plan.

Social bookmarking

Another strategy for link building is social bookmarking. There are many social bookmarking sites, which can help you in link building process. But when it comes to choosing them, consider the reputed ones. For instance, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg are considered as the top social bookmarking sites, which could be counted for your link building process. The stronger is your site’s presence over these places the better would be the outcome.

Blog comments

Another important strategy for link building is blog comments. It helps you in getting back links for your website. Comments are not just about putting some words of accolades but to contribute the best over different discussions with the help of insightful comments. Such collection of words would certainly help in complementing the content and give better results. Lastly, while commenting make sure you consider the content, which is related to your niche area so that you could benefit the best.


By participating in different forums related to your niche area you make link building process effective for your new site. All you need to do is to use a linked signature; this will help your links to be picked up in large quantity as you engage yourself more in the community. Lastly, make sure you keep on trying this strategy on a regular basis to keep getting a consistent result.

Social media

The social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus can help you a lot in your link building process. These platforms help you in sharing your site content to a larger audience in small amount of time. It helps you in connecting with both your target audience and experts found in your niche area.

Final word

Creating your site could be an easy thing, however, when it comes to promoting it and making it visible over search engines, it requires a consistent endeavor. SEO is the best way to promote your website to your targeted crowd. Link building and Guest posting services is an important pillar of SEO, which could be carried out using the above strategies. All you need to do is to try them with patience and consistency and yield good results.

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