Let’s Talk About iPhone 5


Apple has finally unveiled the much hyped iPhone 5 for its countless users all over the world. The company has revamped the earlier iPhone devices to embark with iPhone 5. The changes are both internal and external. People with huge expectations from this phone were little underwhelmed, yet there are numerous new features which are certainly going to impress the consumers and even the tech gurus to a great extent. According to Apple, this phone is among the fasted iPhone device rollout ever. So, what new and different did the company drop into the iPhone 5, let’s check it out.

Design and Body of iPhone 5

As speculated earlier, the iPhone 5 comes with a new aluminum and glass two-tone body having a size of 7.6mm which is smaller as compared to the earlier iPhone 4 devices which came with 9.3 mm and bulky design. Also, the iPhone 5 is seen with a big size screen which is 4 inches slightly bigger than the earlier ones with 3.5 inches. Hence iPhone 5 has thinner body with bigger screen. Lastly, this latest version of iPhone is compatible with Nano SIM as Apple has discarded the earlier SIM card for this one.

Screen resolution

The screen resolution for iPhone 5 has seen an increment by the company which is reported to be 1136 by 640 PX which means it is approximately 326 PPI. The earlier versions of 3.5 screen based devices had the resolution of 960 by 640 PX. Hence with bigger screen you get better resolution which means that this device could compete with Samsung Galaxy S 3 device.


The Operating System

The iPhone 5 devices will be seen with Apple’s latest OS- the iOS 6 which is powered by two new features including the demoed turn by turn & flyover features along with the latest Maps app. Even the notification center could be seen in an enhanced mode which would make things simple for tweeting anywhere within this device. Its web browser Safari too is seen with an enhancement. The much discussed features include Siri and Passbook. The Passbook features is basically a location aware application which helps the users to store a number of things like movie tickets, gift and discount cards and boarding passes. The Siri feature too would be seen with an upgrade in iPhone 5.


The pixel resolution remains the same with iPhone 5 as the current camera version is still 8MP. However, Apple has enhanced the shutter speed along with adding up things like Sapphire Crystal lens cover for better quality pictures. Also, you could see some built in panorama mode feature which has the capacity to stitch shots together for a single 28 MP picture. The rear camera has nothing new to discuss. The front camera comes with 1.2 MP from the earlier VGA resolution and is empowered with 720 Pixel High Definition video, this means you have a nice enhancement for video calling.

High internet connectivity via 4G LTE

As speculated by most of the tech gurus, the iPhone 5 is powered by 4G LTE to access lighting speed internet. The Long Term Evolution (LTE) is basically a 4G wireless communications standard which is designed to render you more than ten times the speeds of 3G networks for a number of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The iPhone 5 carries a dual band 3.5G HDPA+. This means that users who do not have a carrier with 4G are still able to access the high speed internet and not just the 4G users.

High speed processor

As guessed by many, Apple has used a faster processor in iPhone 5- Quad core A6 chip. The chip is 22% smaller than the A5 processors and thus remains more energy efficient. This means you get a high speed graphics and CPU capabilities. Hence Apple has promised a couple of things with better benefits in this device. This includes the Pages app is going to load up 2.1 times much faster than the earlier devices. The chip’s clock speed is still to be disclosed; hence it’s difficult to predict whether the device will give a tough competition to HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S 3.

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