Latest high-end technologies in cars in 2015

Latest high-end technologies in cars in 2015

Top automakers never disappoint as far as high-end technology is concerned. One year after another they release amazing vehicles that incorporate unimaginable technology features. Well, for 2015 it won’t be any exception. Almost every automaker is striving to bring to the market the best model with outstanding features in order to take driving to a whole new level. According to top companies’ directors, vehicles in 2015 will incorporate major technological features such as Google Glass, which is a ready interactive computer system, and light-weight aluminum material to help with fuel efficiency. These are not the only goodies to look out for in the coming year; as discussed below, we can expect more latest high-end technologies in cars in 2015.

Ford Fusion Light-weight car

If you asked someone in the 1970s what they thought we’d be driving today, the answer would probably be what they used to see in science fiction movies. Ford fusion will prove that a car can be driven at unlimited speeds and stop better, says Raj Nair, the Ford group vice president. This car will enable us to witness high-end performance in a vehicle, where weight is no longer an enemy. It will incorporate features like:

  • Light weight carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Chemically strengthened glass
  • Aluminum brake rotors
  • Composite springs

Mercedes-Benz GLA

2015 auto cycle for Mercedes Benz manufactures is just getting rolling. Details have been release of their new fast moving machine that will make its debut early next year. We are talking about the 2012 Mercedes-Benz GLA. It will come with:

  • Advanced aerodynamics
  • Sculpted side panels
  • Turbo four-cylinder engine
  •  Google glass

BMW i8

This is a vehicle worth watching out for. It will probably be the most exotic BMW ever released. Many people online have branded this yet to be released car as “innovation disguised as sports car.” This statement will be proven by:

  • Carbon fiber body
  • One electric motor with a maximum range of 22 mile
  • Another motor of three-cylinder gasoline with speeds up to 155mph

Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai makers never shy about stretching their design strategy into a whole new level. The company is about to pull off Hyundai Genesis ahead of its release in 2015. The most notable feature in this vehicle will be its oversize and radiator grilles that are similar to those in Audi. It will also incorporate:

  • A new all-wheel drive system
  • Carbon dioxide detection to keep you as a driver awake
  • Hands-free tank that opens for 3 seconds when you stand in front of it.

Jeep Renegade

The release of Cherokee Jeep this year still has people talking about the design future of this vehicle brand. Well the truth is that in 2015 the chatters will even be more. This is because the new model that is making its debut next year will be small, subcompact and amazing engine power. Its major specifications are:

  • Butch styling
  • Turbo motor
  • Removable roof panels
  • ·V-8 engine
  • Light-weight.

This is a sneak preview of what to expect as far as latest high-end technology in cars in 2015 is concerned. Automakers will make a stormy debut with Vehicles that incorporate technological features you probably only see in movies.

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