Instagram Rival Snapseed by Google


When Google first launched its social networking site, Google Plus, a lot of people were apprehensive about its success because they felt that Google Plus cannot compete with the likes of Facebook. However, according to Google, at present there are about one hundred and thirty five million active account holders on Google Plus. The senior vice president of Google Plus stated that it is the fastest growing networking website out there. Therefore, this motivated Google to launch Snapseed, which is a rival of Instagram, which belongs to Facebook. According to Google, Snapseed has the potential to compete with Instagram.

How did this happen?

Google managed to purchase Instagram via the acquisition of a company known as Nik Software. This is the company behind Snapseed and therefore by acquiring the company, Google has the right to launch Snapseed. According to experts, this particular move by Google suggests that it is trying to adopt new methods in order to step up Google’s social network game.

The fact that Google has chosen this time to launch Snapseed shows that Google is making a very good move because these days mobile photo sharing is a practice that is in vogue. People all over the world are addicted to using Instagram because it is so easy to share pictures with people using this software. Thus, Google anticipates and hopes that Snapseed too would receive this kind of appreciation and go down well with the people.

What does Nik Software has to say about this?

Just because there are so many articles and information quoting the remarks of the spokesperson from Google and Google Plus floating about online does not mean that Nik Software does not have anything to say or hasn’t said anything about the same till date. On the official website of Nik Software there was an announcement that was uploaded in which the company said that they are pleased to make the announcement that it has been purchased by Google.

Nik Software also mentioned that they have been following their motto ‘photography first’ for about seventeen years and they are happy that Google is supporting them in their efforts to create world class tools for digital image editing.


Is the Snapseed team going to join Google Plus?

Rumor has it that the Snapseed team would be relocating to Mountain View by Google in order to join the team of Google Plus. According to the spokesperson for Google Plus, i.e. Vic Guntora who is the senior vice president, the primary reason why Google chose to buy and launch Snapseed is because of the fact that they want to provide people with the ability to create photographs that they would love. In addition to this, Vic also mentioned that Nik Software is the right choice for this because they are pros in photo-sharing matter.

Summary: The news that Google has acquired Snapseed, the rival of Facebook’s Instagram is doing rounds on the online or virtual world as well as the real world. Google has acquired Snapseed in an attempt to compete with Instagram and for gaining more users on their side.

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