Increase Your Blog Traffic on Tumbler

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Tumbler is a very popular Web Tool powered by Web2.0. It provides a convenient interface to create website or Web2.0 Blogs very easily. But apart from that it has a very special functionality called ‘redirecting’ that provides a complete control over blog traffic and search engine optimization. So here we are going to discuss on some basic tips and procedure to create a Tumbler Web2.0 Blog and get lots of Blog traffic.

Creating Tumbler Blog:

Creating Tumbler Blog is very easy; all you need to have is a valid e-mail address. Then simply provide your email id and password for the blog. Then you need to specify one URL for your blog. It is always advisable to use you keyword or target phrase as URL extension. Instead of using ‘space’ you should use ‘dash‘(-) to construct your Blog URL.

Then simply verify your email account by the verification mail sent to your email account to continue.


Tumbler provides an extra ordinary feature known as re-blog. That means one can re-post the content of blog, and the main blog will be linked to the post. It is very helpful to share a blog with thousands of people even if the original blog may have much less subscriber. One should always try to influence their readers to re-post his contents, and that is how one can truly attract a lot more visitors than usual.

Explore Page

Tumbler has a special page called Explore Page where they put links to all popular blogs and posts. If you blog has sufficient number of initial readers and visitors there is chance that will be listed in the Explore Page. Thus one can get really a huge numbers of traffic from various part of the world.

Simplicity of the Interface

Blog should be always easy to handle and user friendly. A simple but effective layout can attract more and more returning readers. Not only returning visitors but also new visitors will love user friendly interface. The designing part should be done very carefully, and one thing needs to keep in mind that not all your visitors are comfortable with internet or computers, so your blog should be easy enough to navigate, and other supportive tools tips or guidance should be available for the visitors.

Social Plugin

Social Media and Social Plugin is very helpful to attract more blog traffic. You can create a Facebook Page or Twitter Account for your Blog, then you can show live streaming from those social pages in you blog. Also a huge numbers of visitors can come from the social networking sites. Visitors also can join your social forum or pages direct from the blog so that later they can get updates about your blog posting. Facebook and Twitter provide a convenience social plugin and tools to incorporate those functions inside your Web2.0 Blog.

Basically that is how you can improve you blog traffic in Tumbler. Apart from that there are some usual criteria to get higher ranking un search engine like ‘Original Content’, ‘Quality Article’ etc. that can help you to increase blog traffic.

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