Improve Your Manufacturing Warranty Ecosystem in One Shot

Manufacturing businesses are knee deep in complex operations. Mostly computerized, they yield a lot of data. But developing insights and strategies is an activity that should be focused on a shared objective—between OEMs, suppliers, distributors, and dealers. However, it is easier said than done.

A technology solution must address the problems of poor visibility, lack of supplier readiness, and impediments to overall responsiveness. The results of addressing them with a single solution are better synchronization between process owners and significant decrease in operational expenditure. Another factor to keep in mind: individuals workers feel more empowered when they are connected to insights and equipped to take quick action.

Supplier issues

Suppliers have contracts with OEMs so that the latter are assured of being able to maintain brand image through high-quality execution. Delays in parts replacement are unacceptable and defective replacements can be dangerous. Not only does the OEM lose face, it has to struggle to recover the costs borne during service and get another replacement if necessary.

Thus, a proactive strategy may include mobile interfaces backed by claims analytics to keep the suppliers informed about probability of replacements. Specific parts may have higher probability of defects, they too have to be identified. The OEM and other relevant parties can also keep a track of the status of orders using a mobile interface. Leading to better transparency, the system can improve supplier accountability and relationships with warranty administration easily.

Shared data, shared goal

Every OEM functions with a set of expectations from its business network. Often, those expectations are not well defined and are restricted to old contracts. A technology can be used to find out the deviations from the OEM’s mission and vision if you generate data from all transaction and process points. A string of efficiently designed activities can be prescribed, which might lead contract modifications for better results.

But the technology framework required for stronger alignment needs to be highly intelligent. Based on short and long-term objectives, software should function as a prescriptive guide to help align stakeholders. Sharing indisputable, relevant data across the board thereafter is vital.

Addressing overall responsiveness

Your brand’s responsiveness (and brand value) is only as good as your enterprise responsiveness. It is vital to keep checking your communication strategy for scope of improvement in speed, accuracy, and convenience. A mobile-enterprise solution will allow you to perform important decision-heavy processes collaboratively. It means that if a customer has a complicated issue, the machines should be intelligent enough to come up with the prescribed actions for multiple process heads based on holistic data. It should ultimately shrink the overall turnaround. Supplier and distributor-level responsiveness requires similar improvements.

Underlining the priorities for bosses

Workspace cultures tend to change for the better when you use non-intrusive management technologies. It is because they help improve visibility for bosses by streamlining complex communications between third parties, their executives, and the OEM’s executives. An enterprise platform allows the top management a breather, to get holistic and detailed views of tasks, and measure the quality of work delivered consistently.

Managing overheads and grievances doesn’t leave enough time to add value. At any level, the boss’ day-to-day job is becoming more efficient and convenient in companies that are early adopters of warranty service platforms.

Final thoughts

It all ends up in whether you are able to justify the investment with the right implementation strategy. Perfect understanding between employees and the management, the brand and the consumer, and the OEM and third parties is not easy to maintain. However, it might be if everybody was on the same page all the time. That is what enterprise Warranty Administration platforms are promising.


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