Hyundai reveals Ioniq 5 N performance parts at Tokyo Auto Salon

With 641 horsepower, aggressive bodywork, upgraded chassis, upgraded suspension and upgraded brakes, not many people were likely thinking the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N would need much else. But “not many people” is also not “all people.” So for that subset that just want something even more wild, Hyundai is going to release aftermarket parts for the high-performance EV, and it previewed them with the NPX1 concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

NPX1 stands for “N Performance eXperimental 1” and it really is just a showcase for the aftermarket parts Hyundai is prepping for the Ioniq 5 N. They’re obviously centered around beefing up the already beefy 5 N’s sheetmetal. They include a huge front splitter with tall endplates, deep side skirts with rear air intakes, and a massive rear diffuser. The rear wing looks like it came off a race car. The NPX1 also sits on wheels that are a hybrid of alloy spokes and carbon fiber rims.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N NPX1

There are upgrades under the skin, too. Hyundai says that even more aggressive brake pads and lowering springs will be among the parts that will be offered. And the NPX1 also gets Alcantara throughout the interior and some racey bucket seats.

The parts are apparently still undergoing some development, but Hyundai says they will be available sometime this year for the Ioniq 5 N. It will be the first model getting a variety of factory aftermarket parts, but it won’t be the only one, with parts in development for Hyundai’s entire N range. Hyundai further noted it’s hoping to also offer software upgrades that can affect the artificial motor noises and possibly even the calibration of the throttle and motors. That of course leads us to wonder if power upgrades will be available. We’ll also be curious to see if some parts become available to N Line models, too. Certainly the future of Hyundai performance looks interesting.



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