Huawei India’s First 4G Phone With Airtel


The China-based telecom giant Huawei, said that it was testing a 4G phone on Airtel’s network and may be launch the device as early as December. Huawei Technologies, which is primarily known for making communication gear and telecom equipment, is reportedly testing a 4G phone on Airtel’s network. The actual date of launch is depends on the network service provider, which in this case is Airtel. In case the operator gets ready, Huawei may launch the phone by the end of this year

Huawei has not said anything on upcoming smartphone price, but expected that the company may launch the device as early as year end.

Airtel had launched 4G, also called Long Term Evaluation (LTE), in Kolkata and Bangalore earlier this year. But the service is only available through USB dongles and doesn’t work with any phone yet. In May this year, Airtel had appointed Huawei to plan, design, and supply and deploy its LTE network in Karnataka.

Huawei is not interested in joining the low end Indian mobile price war. But Huawei want to focus on quality. Huawei want people to use Huawei devices and then do business with us again. If Huawei cannot make a good tablet for Rs 10,000 Huawei will not make it.

Talking to TOI, Shanxin said the company had big plans for India. “Until now we were doing most of our business through tie-ups with operators. But now we plan to focus on the open market,” said Shanxin. “By the end of the next year we hope to have at least 5% market share in India, with smartphones making up for the majority of our sale.”

Shanxin said that Huawei was investing in its infrastructure in India. He said

We have a local R&D center where we develop services that are relevant locally. For example on our phones we offer cloud services that are relevant to Indian users. We are also quietly building a supply network before we decide to market ourselves better so that when people see our devices in advertisements and want to buy them, they can do so easily.

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