How to Make Your Hallway Look Stunning


We have all heard about the power of the first impression and we all know how that rule translates into house design. But as much as good looking face doesn’t make the entire impression, the house façade and its exterior can’t do our homes justice either. We have to show the inside beauty as well, and is there any better way to do that than through hallway, the first thing visitors see when they enter our homes? Since the answer is no, here are few ideas to make your hallway stunning.

Paint it!

Sure, it sounds cheap but painting is still the most efficient and the least expensive way to change the way some space looks. If you want to avoid coming off cheap, try to do something interesting with colors. For example, you can paint the hall in some lighter colors to make it look wider, simulate the open sky look, make a stunning contrast with some interesting two-tone combination, or even try to match the colors scheme set by furniture.

Put on Some Wallpapers

However, if all color combinations fail or you are simply tired of various stains and mud spots, you should consider using wallpapers? Wallpapers are neat, practical, affordable, and they can lend any room an immense amount of personality. Turn your hallway into anything ranging from industrial nightmare to a vintage paradise, in a matter of hours.

Create a Mini Exhibition

Or in other words, populate your hallway with whatever pieces of art you own. Art can elevate even the most mundane space and hallways, that are otherwise used to put away shoes and umbrellas, are simply begging for some elevation. On the other hand, long, empty hallway walls do seem like the perfect place to hang pictures that can’t find a place in some of your other rooms.

Ensure Enough Storage

While it is always good to have enough storage, narrow hallways do not seem like an ideal place to try to cramp it. Justify this move by opting for some storage pieces that will actually look good and make the space more functional. Of course, different hallways will require different pieces, but making the most out of the understairs space and wall-mounted storage pieces is always a good place to start.

Cover Your Walls with Chalkboard

Putting aside the fact that chalkboard is interesting, odd, and surprisingly appealing detail that can fit into virtually any space, this piece of wood can prove to be very functional. You want to leave some message, write a heartwarming welcome note, or put up a grocery list so that everybody knows what they need to buy? Is there any better place to do that than the hallway?

Set the Tone for the Rest of the House

Hallway can also be used to set the stylistic tone for the rest of the house and prepare visitors for what’s to come. So, why wouldn’t you check some wall clocks online, turn your hallway into a rabbit hole and invite your friends to a tea party they will never forget? Or cover the walls with movie posters and props and let your friends know that they are visiting a rabid moviegoer?

Install a Bench

Finally, every hallway can benefit from a long comfortable bench. It is up to you to make this sitting furniture piece into something more and pack it with enough storage space, upholstery and other similar upgrades. These small moves can transform the hallway from the space where you put your shoes on to the space where you actually like to spend time.

Hallways are rooms that are usually neglected, but they are also the rooms that give the visitors the first impression on the interior of your house, and, because of that a crack at your own personality. Do not miss a chance to make that impression as good as possible.


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