How to Embed Instagram Feed on Website in 2022?

Instagram is growing its popularity with every update, including some exclusive features in the platform. Introduced as a photo-sharing platform has grown to an extent where people can set up their own business without having a physical shop or store.

However, if you also possess a website, you can use your website to increase the social reach of your Instagram account with your visitors.

In conclusion, we will be looking at how to embed Instagram Feed on websites.

Steps to embed Instagram Feed on Websites

To embed Instagram Feed on websites, there are two simple steps:

  1. Using Social Media Aggregator Tool
  2. Using Official Instagram Embed

1. Social Media Aggregator Tool –

Steps to embed Instagram Feed on Website using social media aggregator tool

You can embed Instagram Feed using social media aggregator tools like Tagembed. Follow the simple steps below to proceed:

  1. Collect Feed – First, the major step to embed Instagram Feed on a website is to collect Instagram Feed on a widget. You can aggregate Instagram Feed using different methods such as:
  • Hashtag
  • Handle
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • IGTV and more.
  1. Curate Feed – In this step, you can organize collected feeds to make the Instagram Gallery more clean and attractive. For instance, you can use the moderation panel to do so. You can:
  • Public or Private Posts
  • Pin to top
  • Highlight Posts
  • Delete Post
  • Block user
  • Add CTA and more.

After curating Instagram Posts, you can customize the collected Instagram posts to make them blend with your website.

  1. Customize Feed – You can customize and personalize Instagram Posts to make them more attractive and lively for your visitors. There are multiple ways to customize your widget to make it perfectly blend with your website, such as:
  • Themes & Layouts
  • Background
  • Banner
  • Card Style
  • Dedicated Theme Settings

Moreover, there is also a custom CSS option that allows you to customize according to your need. If you have technical knowledge, you can make the most out of the tool for personalizing your widget.

  1. Embed Instagram Feed – After completing the collection, curation and customization, you can generate the embed code for your website to embed Instagram Feed. Copy and paste the embed code on your website web page’s backend where you wish to showcase your Instagram Posts.

Save the changes made and reload your web page to view your website’s live embedded Instagram Feeds.

The second method to embed Instagram Feed on your website is to use the official Instagram Embed Code for individual posts.

2. Official Instagram Embed –


You can also embed Instagram Posts using the official Instagram Embed code. Just choose a post manually and click on the three dots (…) for more options on the post. Select Embed here, and an embed code will be generated. Paste the embed code on the backend of your website where you wish to embed Instagram Feed on the website. Repeat the same process to embed multiple feeds on your website.

It is one of the free methods to embed Instagram Feed. However, there are multiple limitations to it. First, you have to spend a lot of time collecting content from the website. You’ll need technical knowledge to customize the feeds. Most importantly, there won’t be any auto-update available, which means new feeds must be embedded manually.


We have listed two simple methods to embed Instagram Feed on a website using Instagram Widget for website powered by Tagembed social media aggregator tool and with the official Instagram Embed option. Embed Instagram feed to boost social presence, showcase social proof, retain visitors and more.


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