How One-Way Mirror Window Film Works to Increase Residential or Commercial Privacy

One Way Mirror Window Film

Who doesn’t want to feel the natural warmth of the sun and enjoy the beautiful scene of outdoors? Of course, everyone does. That’s why there are windows in interiors and exterior buildings. To cover windows, there are plentiful types of glasses installed in the home, offices, hotels and other allied places. But, sometimes these windows can account for a breach of privacy as windows always offer a two-way vision. Most of the individuals and businesses seek an effective solution to overcome this problem of privacy breach. Do you too find yourself in those category of persons? Don’t worry! We have something in the bag for you – One-Way Mirror Window Film. Let us explain each and everything related to this, read below.

A Simple Introduction in Layman Words

If you have seen any cop-based Hollywood movie, recall the scene where an officer investigate the bad guy and some officials look towards the bad guy through a window glass. In this kind of situation, the window glass will act as a mirror for the bad guy whereas it will be acting as a plane glass for the officials at the same time. Now, you must be wondering how it may be possible. It is what we call one-way mirror window film. Interestingly, there is no such thing like a one-way mirror or allied window films as nothing can overcome the basic laws of physics. It just creates this effect under certain lightening conditions and specific manufacturing conditions. In the next paragraph, you will learn how a simple film can create this illusion.

Manufacturing Smartness and Working Procedure:

All of the mirror based window films are made by coating a thick layer of metal over the film surface to reflects all the incident light (In reality, a small fraction of light always gets absorbed but it is neglected in the case of mirror effect). If the metal coating over the window film is made thin enough to transmit a small fraction of incident light in the other direction, it will act as a one-way mirror window film under certain conditions of illumination.

When this specific kind of window film is applied on a plane glass placed between brightly lit and dark area, it will act as a one-way mirror. For the observer on the darker side, the fraction of light transmitted through the brightly lit area will be compared to that of the darkness. So, the observer will be able to see the activity on the another side.

One-Way-Mirror Window Film

But if the observer is on the brighter side, he/she will see a combination of light reflected from his side through mirror-like film plus the fraction of amount transmitted from the darker side. The reflected light, in this case, will inundate out the light that is transmitting from the darker side. That is why the observer will not be able to see through it and give an illusion of one-way mirror.

Privacy-Benefits in Residential and Commercial Places

These kinds of mirror-like films are widely demanded in commercial and residential establishments to ascertain an enhanced level of privacy. In homes, these films are demanded for installation over the glass-based doors and windows to prevent peeping of the passerby. Whereas in commercial uses, it is widely demanded among police official for identification of criminals by victims/witness and psychiatric clinics to observe the behavior of patients. Besides, it is much-demanded in office buildings to prevent the sight of office space in the daytime.

So, we hope that we have managed to let you understand each and everything about this specific type of window film. If your home or office space too needs an added level of privacy from the passerby or peeper, don’t wait more to get these ultimate One way mirror privacy window film.

Author Bio:

Mr. Aaron Shelay is a renowned educator of window films, solar shades, blinds and associated kinds of light-blocking solutions. He is also known as a consultant for major industries that are looking for an effective solution to prevent excessive sunlight and glare. Currently, he is linked with the world’s most renowned company, Window Cool as a senior consultant. And yeah, he loves to play golf too in his free time.


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