How iOS Mobile App Can Help Business Grow Globally

With a mobile app loaded with powerful and user-friendly features and functionalities, a business can easily reach out to a global customer base. These days, iPhones represent the most respected smartphone brand all over the globe. Naturally, when your business launches a great iPhone app, it can be utilized as a superb marketing tool to engage your audience anywhere.

There are too many leading businesses that give priority to the iOS platform because of several reasons. Obviously, both iOS and Android come with their own kinds of benefits, and targeting one platform over the other depends on several factors including the app concept, resources, and the target customers. Before you target développeurs d’applications iOS for your new app project, understanding the advantages offered by the platform is important.

Here throughout this small post, we are going to explain the key reasons that give it an edge over Android in terms of effectiveness in targeting global audiences.

Superior branding

Apple as the pioneer of smartphones has already earned a huge reputation as the market leader in the world of mobility. Coming with a strong ecosystem comprising of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, Apple has pioneered many technologies for delivering a flawless user experience.

Unparalleled hardware performance, glitch-free app security, and satisfying customer support are the key aspects that give Apple’s ecosystem an edge over others. Apple iOS in spite of its closed and proprietary device ecosystem which is devoid of any other device manufacturer equals Android in terms of a number of apps and presence across all app niches across the spectrum. Naturally, for branding Apple iOS stands ahead of other competitors.

Unparalleled credibility

As a smartphone brand and device ecosystem, Apple needs hardly any introduction. Thanks to its unmatched device quality and the robust ecosystem it has already made a robust presence in the smartphone industry. On top of that, the platform has also been highly appreciated because of its great security and technical excellence.

This is why with an iPhone app representing your business brand you can enjoy more credibility and enjoy customer trust. Apple App Store is also known for its very strict and uncompromising app publication policy that leaves no room for apps with performance and security glitches.

Unmatched Security

Security always remains the gravest concern for most app users worldwide. iOS mobile platform is widely known for its closed ecosystem of gadgets leaving less room for the intrusion of malware and other attacks from other sources. No wonder, even startups with security concerns from distant parts of the globe hire remote programmers for building iOS apps.

If you truly want to build an app with high-level security measures, then Apple iOS is the ideal operating system platform to choose. The best thing about iOS is that it is frequently and automatically updated and keeps its app ecosystem updated.

Improved UI/UX design

Just by embracing the iOS platform, one can ensure the superiority of UI/UX simply because the platform pioneered many trending design aesthetics including flat design and skeuomorphic design. Apple in respect of the use of app icons, font,s, and several other design elements has strict guidelines to follow to ensure maintaining the superiority of user interface and user experience.

The uncanny focus of Apple iOS in ensuring design sophistication ensures optimum user engagement, smooth business conversion, and a great brand impression. This is why businesses often prefer building iOS apps first before targeting other platforms.

Popularity in US and UK

There is a big factor for businesses to give priority to the iOS platform. The iOS platform representing iPhone and iPad devices is more popular in the US and UK and also in several developed countries all over the world.

Naturally, businesses targeting high net worth customers in these countries need to build iOS apps first. These countries also have better smartphone penetration and hence they can allow more exposure to an app than other countries with dominant Android audiences.

Less fragmented market allowing easy tests

Apple is reputed to have the most consolidated device ecosystem with the least fragmentation in terms of device-OS combination. It just unrolls one update of its existing operating system and releases a new iPhone and iPad series. The company stopped marketing older iPhones while still continuing with their support. This absence of fragmentation helps test one iPhone or iPad app in all devices.

Apart from carrying out faster tests the consolidated ecosystem also helps meet the criteria across all iOS devices with ease. While only a little above than 10% of Android users use the latest versions, the vast majority of iOS users always use updated OS leaving little scope of compromises with security and performance.

Less Development Time

When it is about the development time or the time taken to launch an app, iOS vomit as the clear winner over Android. This is simply because Android is a tremendously fragmented ecosystem and Android apps go through testing across a multitude of devices and OS versions. Different devices with different screen sizes and resolutions, device features, and OS versions make the app user experience vary. This is why Android apps go through a prolonged and strenuous development cycle. This increased development time also results in a higher cost of development for Android apps.

iPhone apps thanks to the consolidated and unified ecosystem do not need to be tested across such a diverse range of devices and OS combinations. This ensures a faster development cycle and lower cost of development as well. In contrast to Android, iPhone apps ensure optimum visibility, revenues, and user loyalty.


So, the judgment is quite clear. If you have a great app idea in mind, you should first look forward to dig the possibilities with the iOS platform. But for developing an iOS app you should always take on board a reputed iOS app development service with a solid portfolio, track record, and skills.

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