Hosting a Classy Game Night for Guys

Do you like playing poker? It’s an exciting game of skill, and people from all over the world enjoy playing game online and in person. Even though playing online has its charms (it’s easy to connect with people on the other side of the planet and you don’t have to worry about your poker face), nothing beats good old poker game at home. If you got tired of staring at the computer and want to organize a nice evening of quality poker at your home, here is a brief list of all the things you need.

Let the guy know

If this is the first time you’re organizing a poker night, you can make a small show out of it and print out simple invitations to hand out to your friends. If this seems like too much, you can also text your friends or send them an email. Make sure you do this at least a week before the game and tell them to confirm (if too many of them cannot show up, try rescheduling). If you all like how the evening turns out, you can organize poker nights more often.

Set the table

Before you set the table, though, decide what kind of poker you will be playing: Razz, Texas hold ’em, Seven-card stud, Omaha high-low, Seven Card Stud Eight-or-better, or some other that you all agree on. It’s important to see with your guests which poker they prefer or if they agree to play half hour of one followed with another half hour of other. Luckily, playing poker requires few accessories, and the most important thing is to have enough decks of cards (two per table are minimum). The table itself doesn’t have to be a professional one, your kitchen table will be good as well, but don’t forget the poker chips.

Prepare food

If you are an exceptional cook and like to spend time in the kitchen preparing delicious meals, kudos to you. You will probably enjoy planning what to prepare for the guys for days and love every minute in the kitchen. However, there are those who simply can’t cook or don’t have the time to prepare nice snacks. Instead of going to the closest supermarket and buying chips and pretzels, why not opt for something a bit more “elegant” and order catering instead? Spiced meatballs or teriyaki beef are great for the “guys’ night in”, states a chef specialized in finger food catering from Melbourne. Not only is it delicious, but it is also strong food that will keep you going for as long as it takes for you to win.

Drinks and cigars

The best thing about playing at home and not in a casino is that you get to smoke and drink at the table as much as you’d like (smoking is prohibited in Vegas, for example). Even though your friends who smoke will probably bring their own cigarettes, you could surprise them and buy nice cigars for the evening. Cubero offers a variety of aromatic tobaccos and it will probably be a great idea to have the guys try cigars with rum, hint of mint, and sugar cane for example. You will need plenty of drinks too, of course. Don’t just head off and buy several six packs of beer; treat yourselves and get some bourbon or whiskey as well. What is more, you can ask the guys to pay the playing fee which you can use to get some quality drinks for you all.

Remember, as a host you have a special obligation to make all your guests feel comfortable. This means you should be careful with the drinks or you’ll end up drunk and unable to be a proper host. Even if all of your guests are your close friends and you are comfortable around each other you should not get drunk or you won’t be able to be as composed as you usually are and you’ll lose the game.


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