Hookup app Feeld partners with users for rebrand

Feeld, an app for sexual exploration aimed at singles and couples, announced a co-created rebrand for its ninth anniversary. The app has reinvented itself before — initially it was called 3nder when it launched in 2014 and focused on threesomes — but the Feeld of today is different, marked by curiosity and exploration of all stripes, not just couples looking for their “unicorn” (third).

In conversations with users, personal transformation and embracing curiosity were running themes throughout the rebrand process, according to Feeld’s press release, and these two themes inspired the new look and feel of the app. Updates to the Feeld app will occur in the coming days.


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For example, most Feeld users, 61 percent, hint at personal transformation in their first year on the app by switching up their sexuality, interests, desires, and who they want to connect with (users can display all of these on their Feeld profile). This and subsequent data comes from Feeld user activity in 2022 and 2023 to date, and represent changes in Total Active users in that period of time.

More than half (57 percent) of users who change their sexuality on Feeld mark a queerer identity, representatives told Mashable. A third of straight men change their sexuality to heteroflexible, bicurious, or bisexual (especially in the UK, U.S., Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands). 

Over the course of a year, people on Feeld branch out and specify their different fantasies. Feeld users have a 42 percent increase in desire for bondage; 33 percent for FFM (two women, one man) threesomes; 85 percent increase in “fun”; 26 percent increase in a friends with benefits situation; 58 percent increase in signaling being “GGG” (“good, giving, and game,” a phrase created by sex columnist Dan Savage); 15 percent increase in an MFM threesome and 32 percent increase in MMF threesomes (though Feeld didn’t specify the difference between the two); and 20 percent increase in finding switches (those who can be either a Dom or sub, or top or bottom).

If you think this only relates to young people, think again. Boomers looking for threesomes on Feeld went up 520 percent in 2023. Half of all Feeld users in the U.S. identify as something other than heterosexual; 10 percent are looking for people of any gender. One in two have a kink.

left: feeld sign in screen on phone; necklace with "feeld" charm; two feeld matchbooks

Feeld’s new look and feel.
Credit: Feeld

The new look of Feeld includes “aura” visuals to invoke a sense of self-discovery. This was both inspired by these user experiences and the concept of pareidolia, or the phenomenon of deriving meaning out of a random or ambiguous visual pattern, according to the press release. The new logo and typeface was designed by artist and Feeld community member Charlotte Rhodes. In keeping with the transformative theme, the logo symbolizes fluidity and tactility of the app community.

Additionally, Feeld is planning a 24-hour party to celebrate the rebrand. The app has already moved into IRL events with Feeld Socials, and now the app will mark this new chapter with a “global event” in New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and Sydney.

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“We’re living in an era of rapid transformation,” said Feeld CEO Ana Kirova in the press release. “What was once black-and-white is becoming a kaleidoscope of colors. People are discovering themselves in deeper ways and exploring different types of connections and relationships.”

Kirova continued on, saying the rebrand reflects broader shifts as Feeld continues to challenge societal and cultural dating norms and binaries. She said, “The magic of Feeld is in opening up the world to endless possibilities and placing individual experience at the center of connecting deeply with others; something reflected in the continuous evolution of our platform in response to our growing community.”

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