Honda reveals new ‘H mark’ logo at CES for future EVs

It’s not often that Honda reveals a new logo. In fact, it’s been about 43 years since we’ve seen a redesign of the familiar “H mark” that Honda so lovingly calls it. That changes today at the 2024 CES where Honda debuted a new H mark that is destined for future electric vehicles.

Do note the EV caveat there, too. Honda specifies that this logo will be coming to the “next-generation EVs of Honda,” which suggests the gasoline-powered vehicles in its current-day lineup won’t bear the new logo. They’ll presumably carry forward with the current logo, and while said mark has technically been the same since 1981, a light update at the turn of the millennium has kept it feeling relatively fresh.

Funnily enough, this new Honda logo is more reminiscent of the original H mark that was used throughout the 1960s (seen for comparison below, left) than of any other Honda logo. It looks like a revamp of that old-style look, giving it a retro vibe while maintaining a fresh and modern appearance. Honda says that it’s designed a new logo now to “commemorate the development of the next-generation EVs.” It only makes sense that the logo is revealed alongside two new electric concepts at CES named the Saloon and the Space-Hub. You can see the logo in action for the first time on both of those models in our reveal post here.

Honda logo

Honda doesn’t provide a great deal of explanation for the logo’s design, but here’s what it does say: “This design expression, like two outstretched hands, represents Honda’s commitment to augment the possibilities of mobility and sincerely serve the needs of the users of Honda EVs.”

The biggest hurdle to jump over for those familiar and comfortable with the current logo is perhaps the lack of an outline around the logo that we’ve associated with the H mark for decades now. Outline or not, though, we’re fans of this new design direction and are excited to see the vehicles that Honda puts out with the fresh look.

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