‘Helldivers 2’ EAT-17 might now be an important weapon in your arsenal

Helldivers 2 just got another balancing update — and it’s made the galactic-wide fight for democracy even easier.

Arrowhead Studio’s smash hit has a vast array of weapons meant to take on the Termanids and the Automatons. However, as many in the community will note, when it comes to enemies with armor, the arsenal becomes pretty ineffective. Until this recent update, the current meta for tackling larger enemies like the Charger or the Bile Titan involved a combo of the Breaker shotgun and the Railgun.


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Now though, after minor nerfs to the aforementioned Breaker/Railgun combo, the Expendable Anti Tank 17, or EAT-IT, will finally get its time in the shine. Along with the Recoilless Rifle, the two weapons have now become the two strongest anti-tank options in the game. As it should be of course — these special weapons are meant to take on heavy enemies.

As pointed out by a user on Reddit, with an accurately placed shot, the EAT-17 can kill the notoriously heavy armored Charger in just two hits. As demonstrated by this YouTuber, it only takes 2-4 headshots to kill the Bile Titan. Conversely, with the Railgun, it’d take 10-20 shots in unsafe mode.

This isn’t because the two anti-weapons have been buffed, but more so, the developers have nerfed the Charger. Per the developer’s notes, “It should now be at a point where a well placed shot from a Recoilless Rifle or EAT-17 instantly kills a charger.”

Among other editions to the new Helldivers 2 update, heavy enemy spawn rates have been decreased. In the past few weeks, there were many posts in the Helldivers subreddit about the incessant amount of heavy enemies that would spawn in higher difficulties.

There has been no change to the difficulty of the game, but as the developer intends, this update is meant to make Helldivers 2 manageable on higher difficulties for “well-equipped” teams.


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