Know The Health And Skin Benefits Of Consuming Bitter Gourd

Know The Health And Skin Benefits Of Consuming Bitter Gourd

As the name suggests, bitter gourd is bitter in taste but has wide array of health and skin benefits. Because of its distinct taste, it is not often used in cooking but consuming the fruit may prevent many ailments as well as maintain a beautiful skin. It can be consumed by simply juicing it or pickled and even cooked. Here are some facts that will help you to know the health and skin benefits of consuming bitter gourd.

Health Benefits-

* Cures diabetes

Bitter gourd is found to be very helpful in curing type-2 diabetes. It has been used as a traditional medicine to combat the condition in a much safer way. Type-2 diabetes is caused due to inefficiency of cells to absorb sugar from the blood due to resistance to insulin. This condition generally leads to diabetes. Consumption of the juice extracted from bitter gourd may help in reversing insulin resistance and controlling diabetes.

* Prevents cancer

Various studies have found that the bitter tasting fruit may help in preventing certain cancers. It is known to kill cancer cells. It helps in cutting down the energy source of the cancer cells by affecting the glucose metabolism pathway. It has long been used in Chinese medicine without any probable side effects when consumed in right doses to prevent cancer.

* Relieves constipation

Since bitter gourd has high content of fibers, it helps in easing the bowel movements and also relieves constipation. It also helps in improving digestion and assists in combating symptoms of piles.

* Improves liver health

Bitter gourd juice is highly beneficial for the liver. It helps in cleansing it naturally by eliminating the toxins and purifying the blood. Consuming a glass of bitter melon juice everyday for a week may help in improving liver health effectively.

* Promotes weight loss

If you are looking for weight loss, bitter melon can prove to be very helpful. Firstly, the fruit has very low calorific value; this means you can consume it in more quantities. It also promotes metabolism and aids digestions, which helps in burning more calories in a natural way. Bitter melon is also makes you feel full and reduces the urge to eat more. If you want to restrict your calorie intake, consume the fruit and lose considerable weight.

* Prevents heart diseases

Bitter gourd is also helpful in preventing many heart diseases. It keeps the arteries free from clogging and hence boosts heart health. Studies show that consuming the bitter melon juice regularly helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood while maintaining the level of good cholesterol. In this way, it prevents heart problems including heart attack.

Skin benefits-

* Prevents Acne

Since bitter gourd helps in purifying the blood, it prevents formation of acne. People who consume the juice on a regular basis have found it very helpful in combating skin problems. It works from inside your body to provide a flawless glow to the skin. It is also useful in reducing blemishes and other skin conditions that are a result of toxins deposited in the body. Bitter gourd aids detoxification and hence prevents acne, blemishes and other skin issues.

* Fights infection

It also helps in fighting skin infections caused due to microorganisms. It provides relief from psoriasis and eczema when consumed on a regular basis. The juice is highly effective in treating fungal infections in the skin. It can be used to treat athlete’s foot and ring worm in a fast and natural way.

* Promotes healing of wounds

If you have wounds in your skin that does not heal, try bitter melon juice. The fruit has amazing capabilities to heal wounds in a naturally effective way. It also controls blow flow and clotting thereby making wounds heal faster.

* Prevents itchy scalp

Bitter gourd may also prevent a few scalp conditions like dandruff, dry and itchy scalp. Since it has a purifying effect on the body, it keeps the skin and scalp free from impurities and prevents most skin problems. For a faster relief from itchy scalp, bitter melon juice may also be applied topically on the scalp.

* Delays premature aging

Bitter melon is packed with antioxidants which help in boosting skin health. Antioxidants have a regenerative effect on skin. It helps in neutralizing free radicals that are one of the major causes for skin aging. Therefore, it keeps skin looking younger for longer and delays aging. The vitamin C present in the fruit helps in repairing the skin as well as protects it from probable damage. It prevents formation of wrinkles and fine lines when consumed regularly.

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