Health benefits of cigarette smoking

Cigarette smoking may be called a thing of style but the larger picture seems to be grim and bad. With smoking, every organ of the body seems to be causing a few ailments but at the same time, it can put some additional health issues on smokers in general. Although it may record deaths due to smoking but most of the time the reasons are others. Smoking can cause more amount of death every year causing other issues as well but it can offer several health benefits of cigarette smoking as under:

Smoking Reduces The Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

Several studies have identified the uncanny nature of the relationship found between smoking and Parkinson’s ailments. The long term benefits include adding up the time spent on smoking along with adding the cigarettes smoked on a daily basis, which makes the protective kind of impact on the personality. The same reports have been published in the Journal Neurology, which indicates similar benefits for the same. Even the Harvard researchers have confirmed the same saying that they offer convincing evidence the smokers were less likely to face the issue called Parkinson’s ailment.

Keeps Obesity at Bay

The other big benefit one can enjoy with smoking is the low risk of having obesity. Since smoking comprises the consumption of nicotine it hampers the appetite suppressant. This has been popular for ages thus dating back over the indigenous cultures in the US in the earlier days. The Tobacco companies are seen catching up in the twenties and thus start targeting the women as well who are lured to the smoking things thinner. As per studies published in Physiology and Behaviour, quitting smoking brings the reverse impact in terms of losing weight. Since Nicotine suppresses appetite, hence it proves beneficial in giving health benefits to people.

Smoking reduces the risk of death post Heart Attacks

When compared to non-smokers, people with heart attacks her lower mortality rates along with a more favorable response to types of therapy when it comes to removing the plaque from their body parts like arteries and treatment options like fibrinolytic therapy, which include the medication; and the angioplasty that helps in removing the plaque by inserting several balloons or stents over the arteries. As per a study published in the American Heart Journal, people who smoke have higher mortality rates.

Smoking helps the heart drug clopidogrel work better

As per Korean researchers, smoking helps a lot in the heart drug clopidogrel work better. The same is confirmed by the journal Thrombosis Research along with the Harvard researchers in 2009. As per reports, the cigarette smoker gets their proteins called cytochromes activated. This helps in converting the clopidogrel into a more active state. Yet, doctors encourage patients to smoke with restrictions so that they end up getting any adverse impact on their lives. This is the reason why more and more people are seen staying away.

Final words

This, therefore, indicates that smoking although it can have some adverse impact can still give several benefits in the long term.

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