What Should Be Taken Into Account In Hair Transplantation ?


There are so many critical points in hair transplantation to be taken into account, before,during and after the process. It is really important for  the individuals to make a useful research and consult with  a specialist team experienced in this field, share their  expectations clearly with them before the process. It also very critical that the expectations of the indivual and the process that the doctor will perform overlap in terms of satisfaction. The process performed on the individual who has not suitable hair follicles for the transplantation results wtih disappointment. So the individual should consult with a specialist doctor and get a really detailed  information about the process. In the experienced centers, the person who has suitable hair follicles for the process can have the hair they expect in a year by means of mega session hair transplantation (mega session means transplantation of 4000 or more hair follicles).

The things should be minded after the hair transplantation are; protecting the hair transplanted area for a week or ten days,being careful  not to rub or strike the transplanted area any where while getting into or getting out the car. And being careful  about not to harm transplanted hair follicles, not to scratch and bleed this area while washing hair  is important. Especially in the individuls that require PRP based hair transplantation, during and after the transplantation the hair should be protected. In this way we can get really satisfying and permanent results in long term obsevervation.of patients guided and examined by a specialist team. In the central election expert , you should choose the centers as like www.estecenter.com/en .


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