Facebook And Twitter Has A Direct Impact On Rankings


Every webmaster wants their website to rank high and it is quite a challenge to keep up with the ever changing search engine algorithms. Though it was assumed since quite a few years, it has now been officially accepted by Google and Bing that social media links do affect the search engine rankings. If you are a search engine or social media optimization expert, you would have felt the boost that social media links have on the SERPs. Now with the two major search engines declaring this officially, social media has to be on your priority list.

Why Twitter and Facebook

Well, these social networking platforms have become far more popular than anyone ever imagined. Many serious businesspeople, who once thought social media was just a temporary craze and was for youngsters alone, are now themselves joining these sites. Not having a presence on these websites is like a business not having a telephone, a few years ago. It is natural to take data from real people where they are talking about it. If you are unhappy with a product or service, it would take you a minute to tweet about it from your phone rather than writing a page long review.

Content marketing works

You need to find a need and then fulfill it through your content. There are many forms of content that can be shared. It can be informative or it can be fun, but it has to be likable. If you spend time bragging about how great your company and its products are, you lose the likability. Everyone likes to share something good for his friends. Always ask yourself whether what you are sharing is something people would like to share with friends and family. If you share something interesting and likable, chances are that you will remain in picture and increase your brand visibility as well as recall value.

Quality matters more than anything else

This is what ruled SEO a decade ago and this is what rules today. Google is not blind to the keyword stuffed articles and other content that is shared across on the web. Just like those SEO articles that do not make much sense, spam tweets and Facebook updates also do not matter much. Create something worthwhile and let people share it. The termed ‘content marketing’ suits this practice more than SEO.

Let them do the talking

Yes, sharing is important but not more important than who shares it. If you create multiple fake accounts to share your content, Google knows it. Look out for real people who are interested in what you are sharing. Don’t go for the 1000 followers a day scams. Well, just because Google knows it all. Get real people talking about you and your brand? That is what will give you leads and better business. That is also what search engines will give preference to and that is what will get you higher ranks.


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