Exploring some of the best features of iOS 7

Exploring some of the best features of iOS 7

Just two days before (10th June) Apple unveiled iOS 7, which is considered as one of the vital updates for the users having several one of the best user interface. This new operating system has all together a new look and feel carrying subtle motion with incredible color palette and unique functional layers that makes it more alive and active. So, if you are upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7, your mobile devices would not appear the same with this new incredible operating system. As per the market experts, iOS 7 could be called as a makeover of the makeovers. Now, let’s check some of its interesting features as under:

Design: In terms of look and feel, you are going to see something big in the latest operating system update. You will certainly going to appreciate the new look and feel of iOS 7. You do not see those old textures, patterned backgrounds or the notepad appear Notes application. All these things are now being replaced with neat and clean design elements carrying loads of white space and bright color textures. However, you still could see several grid icons carrying the pull down notification tray and other older things.

Multitasking: In iOS 7, you could find the same option of switching over to another application in the similar manner with the help of double tapping over the home button; however, you could get to see additional newer interface that helps in knowing what’s going in your application. You could see a card of the main screen over the application, which is open. You have the option of tapping over the switch, which is very much similar to the web OS or the Android.

Control Center: This is not the same old one, but comes with a slew of interesting features including the one, which helps in saving loads of your time that users are seen doing with the settings menu. Once you swipe at the bottom of your iPhone interface, you are likely to see some easy to access controls. This will help in accessing Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Airplane mode toggles and also allow you to adjust the volume and brightness. Also, you could turn over the new build in flashlight from the company; this means you do not have the flashlight applications, which mean you, end up saving loads of your time.

Camera and photos: In iOS 7 you could find a number of interesting features for photos and camera. In the camera application, you could see entirely a new interface that helps in adding filters in your pictures. This means you have a built-in Instagram feature inside your camera, which helps in sharing images in no time. Also, you could find another sharing option known as AirDrop that helps in choosing different friends online to sharing photos without connecting through wires. Besides, you could see loads of photo organization features, which makes clicking and sharing pictures very much interesting.

Siri: With iOS 7, Siri is seen maturing a lot carrying all together a new brain and voice. According to Apple, Siri has voices of both male and female, which means you get quicker replies of your questions. Also, you could find a number of results from sources like Wikipedia, Bing and Twitter. Above all it comes with a new look and feel, and soon you will find this service helping your cars in the coming year.

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