Emotional Branding: You Need To Climb


When you plan on marketing something, you must know what the number one rule is – establishing a tight bond between the customer and also the brand i.e. emotional branding. You might think that this type of marketing is impossible and it never occurs because the market is vast and you have a wide variety of brands to choose from, so people rarely stick to just one brand. Let me give you one of the most common examples. When you think about music and music players, what is the first thought which comes to your mind? Yes it’s the iPod or the company we know as Apple.

The consumers or users simply wait for any advance version while using any of their products. You can see Apple reaching this level of fanaticism with their consumers. They have done this by being the most creative and innovative on this earth in the domain of computing and cell phone devices. If you are looking forward to create this kind of affinity for your brand or simply want to go for emotional branding, make sure you follow these six steps as discussed as under:

For the first step you need to think about the ways in which you can get the person interested. Start off with thinking about the product. Ask them what would lead them to stick onto a particular brand. What are the things they look for in a brand to get attached to it.

The second step you need to find out how you can get loyal customers. Sometimes customers buy your product once and they never come back. The trick is to get them to continue buying it and from your brand only. This is the really tricky part but with a lot of observations you will be able to figure out a way to get it done.

For step three is to ask them what they look for in a brand or a product before buying it. You could conduct a survey to find out the answers. Ask people what the factors are for which they would think of before they want to purchase something.

For step four, you need to come up with ways by which you can keep reinforcing the decision of the consumer to purchase that particular product or brand. Study the marketing strategies of various other companies and see what helps to keep them up top. Try implementing them when it comes to your marketing strategies.

It takes years to build such a thing about your brand among your consumers. But once you make it, make sure you have reached to the zenith which any brand would always dream to have in their business life.

About Author: Carol is a writer/blogger. She contributes to financial modelling training

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