Electronic Flow Control Valve and its Uses

Flow control valves regulate the flow rate of a hydraulic circuit, in a specific portion.

Electronic stream valves are gadgets that can handle the stream pace of liquid (fluid and gas) with an electronic signature. The computerized water stream controller is utilized to direct the fluid stream rate.  While, for the gas pressure taking care of electronic wind current control valve, which is proficiently functioning admirably to control the speed of chambers and air engines. In this post, we will discuss the uses of the electronic flow control valve.

How the Electronic Air Flow Control Valve Works:

An electronic flow controller is joint with the computerized stream meter for the shut circle. It functions with the advanced perusing of the fluid and gas stream rate that shows the clients can anticipate the accurate amount of stream. The computerized stream control valve additionally offers the capacity of an in-assembled stream overseeing.

Uses of Flow controllers:

  • In different weighty assembling businesses, the electronic flow controller fills in as a force worked gadget to direct the progression of the liquid. The programmed water stream electronic flow control valve allows the clients to get the robotized advanced estimation of the amount of the fluid stream. Preferably, the yield stream rate is straightly relative to include signal.


  • A flow control valve is readily used to control and regulate the flow and pressure of a fluid. It detects the signal from the independent devices and responds accordingly. Electronic air flow control valve work with the assistance of actuators and positioners.


  • Digital water flow regulator controls the speed by controlling the rate of flow of a pneumatic circuit in a specific section. The electronic water flow control valve helps in the output, flow, or pressure in contrast with the input. If the input is doubled, so will the output. It can be used to interconnect the output and input of two different instruments.

Use of Flow Controllers in Industries:

An electronic air flow control valve is specially designed for industrial use and it is used in various industries including

  • Molding machines.
  • Pressure system.
  • Traditional servo markets.

Types of Electronic Flow controllers:

The most common types of electronic flow control valve used in different industries and they’re:

Gate Valves:

Gate valve is a famous type of flow control valve, which is primarily used for turning on & off the flow of gas and liquid. They are specially used to control the straight-line flow of fluid by using the minimum gate valves. it is a manually operated valve so that users have to operate it by rotating the stem in a clockwise way to close the controller.

Globe Valves:


This type of valve is used to stop, start, and regulate the flow of liquids and gases. The globe valves start turning off through the plug, which is featured in a flat or convex bottom onto the horizontal seat that is located in the center of the valve. When the valve is opened by the user then, the plug raises for allowing the fluid to flow.


This post mentions the uses and application of the flow controller in various industries. We also mentioned the functionalities and working of flow control valves. by reading this post you can understand its working principles. So that you can at the time of buying the flow controllers you will purchase the best.

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