Eastern Europe Countryside: Tempting Locations for Any Type of Holiday!

Traveling experiences are great gifts of life that help us discover new things, new ways of living daily life and the real history and culture of the world that surrounds us. There are so many great places to discover out there and a wide range of hidden spots of gorgeous landscapes, cultural vibrancy and historic symbols waiting for curious travelers from across the globe to discover every year.

Europe is one of the magical continents we are lucky to have on this planet and one where amazing touristic attractions wait to reveal themselves to us every year. Therefore, today, we will let you know all about several tempting locations for any type of holiday you would like to spend in the Eastern Europe Countryside.

Romania: The Magical Land of Farm Buildings and Folk Craft History

Europe has so many great places to reveal to its tourists in terms of countryside magic where the values of historic lifestyles have never been lost. One such magical land of farm buildings and folk craft history is represented by Romania. There are gorgeous places there where you can experience the real rural lifestyle that has remained unchanged by time in terms of essential values. You can visit the Maramures area there and experience the real countryside sleeping experience in special wooden self-catering houses like Palaga. The view of the imposing Rodnei Mountains in the area will take your breath away and make you feel like you have entered a world you did not even know existed. Green trees and fresh grass will give you a new sense of magical natural experiences and will recharge your batteries during your stay in this magical land of gorgeous landscapes, rural traditions and wooden farmhouses.

Wild Scottish Highlandsfor An Adventurous Countryside Experience

Another sacred Eastern European Land of countryside beauty is represented by the wild Scottish Highlands. Everything you need from rugged, windswept, adventurous and isolated countryside experiences can be lived there during your next holiday. The colorful, playful and magical quietness of this place will help you engage in a life-changing traveling experience and discover the real beauty of spending time in the countryside. The natural façade of these magical lands cannot go unnoticed and it personifies this country as a real valuable symbol of the European lifestyle. You can explore a lot of wild places in Scotland just by wearing your favorite boots and walking sticks. The enthusiasm you feel when you travel around the countryside in Scotland, discovering the natural environments that have remained unchanged will stay with you once you get back home. Read more about Boat charters Puerto Vallarta

Beyond the Usual Experiences in the Iceland Countryside

We could not have been more amazed of any place where the countryside experience can be lived than we were to discover the impressive Iceland. Everything that amazes tourists seems to have found a way of revealing itself to them in this amazing country. Just imagine the perfect picture of volcanic rock crashes right against the long roadside during your adventure in this land of magical countryside experiences. The green moss never lets go of the craggy outcrops in the area which offers the most valuable real-life survival lesson you could ever learn. If vegetation can live and preserve itself in such out-of-this world conditions, you can do it too and live to be amazed again! Simply driving on the nearly empty roads of this amazing country will give you a sense of freedom and pure joy. Visit the Gulfoss Waterfall, be amazed by the hot springs of Keysir and do not end your countryside holiday before seeing the Thingvellir National Park.

Living Symbols of Rural Life and Prehistoric Cave Experiences: Asturias and Cantabria, Spain

The magical travelling adventure of today will end in Spain, namely in Asturias and Cantabria, the magical land where rural life and the prehistoric cave experiences never ceased to reveal themselves to curious minds and wondering traveling eyes. You will be amazed by the local painted caves and how welcoming the people there are. The rural tradition has kept its origins strong thus offers a real picture of how people used to live there in the past. You can engage in numerous ancient pilgrimage routes in the area and be fascinated by this European rural destination you had no idea existed.

Finally, life is so beautiful and offers us new ways of experiencing it through gorgeous travels every year. 2017 could be the year when you discover the real countryside experience in Eastern Europe. You can do this by planning package holidays to Iceland, a magic trip to Romania or by discovering the wonders of the rural life in Spain.


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