E-cigs: are they really helping smoker quit or just inhibiting a new addiction?

E-cigarettes have gained tremendous recognition over the past couple of years. This portable and easy to use piece of technology provide seamless access to one of the world’s most common “legal” drugs: nicotine. Craving nicotine is triggered when smoking traditional tobacco, although now people can keep their addiction under control by “vaping” electronic cigarettes. Some people even claim that vaping can successfully help them quit smoking; for others, it is a mere chance to save money. Many studies comparing e-cigs and traditional cigarettes have found the vaping is actually less harmful to one’s health because it’s not toxic. But then again, when it comes to vaping we all have different opinions.

Tobacco vs. vaping – a statistical analysis

The World Health Organization argues that tobacco kills an average of 6 million people every year. Giving the concerning number, many have started to learn more about “vaping” and e-cigs. The e-cig industry has grown into a $2.8 billion business. Since they’ve been introduced back in 2006, e-cigs have become a top preference among smokers that want to quit, or simply enjoy the perks of a cigarette but in healthier, less damaging way.  However, some studies have shown that electronic cigarettes fuel one’s addiction to nicotine, especially in teens and young adults curious to try out “vaping”. Read more about 

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Some non-smokers find e-cigs quite alluring. Even though they wouldn’t try a normal cigarette, many wouldn’t say “no” to vaping. Since vaping uses liquids with nicotine, these young adults might end up smoking for real. Nicotine has damaging effects when reaching the blood stream. When someone is exposed to nicotine directly, it can form a new addiction.

Certain studies performed by the CDC found that that young people that try e-cigs are fascinated by the variety of aromas. However, while vaping seems interesting, real smoking doesn’t sound that appealing. Real tobacco smoking creates fear. Vaping on the other hand, is associated with a more high-tech kind of socializing when hanging out with friends.

Keeping cravings under control

Nicotine is extremely damaging to the health when smoked. But since we live in a stressful society, many find comfort in smoking. E-cigarettes are all about reducing tobacco consumption at a global scale, while at the same time improving people’s general health. Since vaping doesn’t contain toxins like tobacco, vaping doesn’t affect breathing and diminishes daily coughing caused by traditional smoking. Many have tried smoking using patches and nicotine gums, but that’s still not good enough because the need must be constantly fed. On top of that, some studies have showed that nothing can be compared with the mere habit of lighting a cigarette.

Can e-cigs help people quit smoking?

Even though we can’t guarantee that e-cigarettes will help you stop smoking, but it might. There’s evidence that vaping is less toxic than smoking, and some people choose very low nicotine levels when recharging. Furthermore, some e-cigs even look like normal cigarettes. They provide the body with what it needs, but without burning tobacco.

Millions of people around the world die annually from smoking. The numbers are growing every month, and there’s nothing the people or the media can do change that. However, you a make a change for the better by trying out electric cigarettes. They’re not toxic like tobacco and they don’t trigger any unexpected breathing issues. From what we can see, e-cigs ae here to stay. The technology behind the making of such cigarettes evolves extremely fast, so it’s safe to assume that soon enough more brands will emerge with even lower risks and greater benefits.

All electronic cigarettes feature some sort of e cig liquid meant to satiate one’s craving to smoke. This liquid contains various quantities of nicotine, and some even contain different aromas. That’s one of the main reasons e-cigs have received so much recognition. People are curious to try them out, but they’re also pleased that the aromas cover the unpleasant taste. And since e-cigs don’t contain tobacco, quitting smoking becomes a lot easier. You can adjust the nicotine level, and step by step choose level 1 or 0; before you know you won’t even feel the need to smoke.


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