Drogba – a tribute to a legend

Drogba - a tribute to a legend

The Chelsea fans have one of the best things to cherish now in the upcoming clash, which comes in the form of the legend of football – Didier Drogba in the Stamford Bridge. Well, if you remember the date 12th May 2012 this is the very same day when the Chelsea FC team was able to carve its niche winning the Champion’s League trophy for the very first time. This day entered into history only because of the man called Drogba who won the hearts of millions Chelsea fans. Every time, we call this name the high end exotic and pride is seen electrifying our bodies and thus render the right mental pictures over the last kick, which has simply brought up the ecstasy that would tell the grandkid to get the last kick.

The night at Munich has simply added the new legacy of this man, who is now considered to be the biggest legends by the fans and his image would never going to fade so easily. Drogba was among the known to shoot strong and powerful long shots, the unstoppable headers and the acrobatic kind of volleys really made the difference. He turned out to be among the powerful man who joined the team into a big and robust group, which can deny any team on the planet. Most of the time he played the role of one-man army inspiring his team to perform against all odds. Amidst all his laurels and success saga, his story was never the same but also has tales of failures and losses as well. But with commitment and hard work this man overcome all these flaws and made things better for him and his career emerging out as a legend.

He is born and brought up in place called Abidjan, Ivory Coast but at the age of five his family shifted to France wherein he came in touch with Michel Goba (his uncle) who was a professional player of football. Since then he started learning and playing this game. His parents had to struggle to get jobs and was seen moving at different places. At the age of 15, he started playing football seriously and soon joined a local team turning a icon of that place. He later got the chance to join a semi-professional club called Levallois wherein he impressed his coach with some of the best professional attitude and skills. Soon he was shifted to the senior squad of this club but failed to impress his main coach leading him a delay in the debut for football career.

Finally when he got the chance to play the sports professionally, he rose up with his incredible dribbling skills, physical strength and the skill to play the ball in the air. People call him the man with intrusive and robust kind of approach, which simply attracted people for his good sports skills. Besides, he is also known to inspire his teammates the best and have been playing for Chelsea since 2004 till 2012. However, he came into discussion when he finally announced his return to this team again on 25th July 2014.

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