Design Essentials for TV Background Wall

design essentials for TV background wall

You have to consider lots of things for small living room. For example, the day lighting and storage are annoyance. Many items you may leave it out, but not the background wall of the TV. The background wall of TV is the light spot for the living room, which tells you the favorers and tastes of owners to you. Melody Home shows you some skills for decorating the excellent TV background wall.

The distance for the TV background wall and sofa

Normally, the background TV wall is 3 meters far from the sofa. This distance is the suitable distance for people to watch TV.  Too far or too close distance may cause visual fatigue for people. If it exceeds 3 meters, the width had better be larger than the depth.

The background wall decorating

The decorating for the background wall should be abundant so that you will not feel empty for the visual feeling.

The easiest handle way is to paste the wallpaper or decorate wall painting or brush different color paint and add a decorating painting frame.

If your living room is comparatively narrow, the distance between the sofa and background wall do not have 3 meters. In this condition, you may try ways to amplify the space. You may install some protruding decorating ornaments, which can weaken the thickness of the background wall and show the layer feeling and stereo feeling for the room. The most common way is to put board or bookshelf on the wall.

The color for the TV background wall

Though the area is not wide enough for small apartment, the idea for pursuing beauty is the same. The volume for the wall should avoid too large. The color of deep and light should be suitable. What is more, to avoid over fatigue for your eyes, you may design backlight from the two sides of the wall.

The material for the TV background wall

Nowadays, there are lots of materials which are suitable for the background wall such as stone, glass, metal wallpaper. As the limited size, you had better not pick the rough or heavy stone material. And the mirror in home decorating may show the effect of expanding the space. The mirror should not be too large, for it may dizzy your eyes. Besides, the wallpaper can bring warm feeling to the home, which is loved by many people.

To sum up

No matter for large or small apartment, do not decorate the TV background wall too exaggeration. It is easy to be out of fashion and dizzy your eyes. Click here to learn the skills for decorating the dream bedrooms.

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