Decorating Secrets 101: Learn From Top Interior Designers

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If you are thinking of redecorating your household, there are a few tips from the experts on interior design you should consider beforehand. It is quite a daunting task to redecorate a room, not to mention the whole household, and although you already feel a bit sceptic about the whole process, do not despair. The experts reveal their top secrets from how to make the space appear bigger to how to select the perfect lighting.

Make the walls appear bigger

When selecting the right curtains, it is not all about their style. What you should do is elongate your ceiling by elevating the curtains. Hang the curtains from as high as possible. You can do this easily if you opt for placing the curtains right at the junction of ceiling and the walls. Go for all-white drapes which will perfectly fit with any style of the room you want to redecorate. Those who are interested in Scandinavian minimalistic approach should definitely choose this kind of curtains to match them with the rest of the monochromatic furniture.

Save money by upcycling

Unique and quality pieces of furniture can be rather expensive and all you want is a statement chair or sofa. Despair no more. What you can do is upcycle the furniture you already have. Pick a chair that needs a bit of reupholstering and choose a new fabric to fit the interior design. Not only will you have a unique chair, but you will be thrilled to be the one who created it.

Choose the wall colours carefully

When it comes to the walls, you should leave them as the final thing to choose in your room. Have everything else sorted out, and then find the wall colours or coverings that will fit the room. Those of you who opted for the minimalistic approach can go for decorative wallcoverings that will spice up the atmosphere in the room. Tropical prints are massive, so you should think about choosing some. Pick matching flowers and place them on your white table and you will be good to go.

More light, please

If you feel like your room is a bit dark and dim, you should hear the experts’ tip on creating the illusion of a lighter room. Placing windows across from the windows will make your room appear both bigger and lighter. The mirrors will reflect the natural light and the whole place will brighten up instantly. This is particularly effective when applied to smaller rooms.

Make focal points

Grouping objects and creating a focal point room will make your room stand out from all the others. Highlight a particular piece of art or furniture and create the perfect harmony of objects at your place. Some of the common focal points are windows, fireplaces and sofas. Use vibrantly coloured cushions and place them on your light sofa to create cosy atmosphere and bring attention to your focal point.

Go for wood

If you need to create some warm atmosphere, there is no better material to choose than wood. Wooden details will add texture and warmth in your environment. You can even choose claddings on the walls. When choosing tables and stands, go for rustic wooden ones to make your place seem warm and pleasant to stay at.

Cut down on accessories

Less is more when it comes to accessories. Think wisely about the ones you need in your room as no one likes spending time in overcrowded places. Declutter your things by choosing little boxes to place your belongings in.

Redecorating your place is not an easy task, but if you stick to the professionals’ tips you will create pleasant and warm atmosphere in no time. Just do not overdo it with accessories, use warm textures and materials and make the room seem bigger and lighter by choosing wall coverings, windows, curtains and mirror wisely.

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