Customer Service Training Tips You Want To Hear About

Customer Service Training Tips You Want To Hear About

It is really important to provide the highest quality of customer service today, which is exactly why we are providing these customer service training tips. You really have to apply these in order to be ahead in the game of customer service. Your employees need to be consistent in how they communicate with the customers with the highest degree of customer satisfaction. The tone, approach and messages delivered to the customers have to be same, polite and friendly whether communicated face to face, over telephone, email or any other online channels, social media or instant messaging.

Without effective customer service training to the employees it is possible to reach the goals of your highest quality of customer services and therefore customer service training tips are required to achieve the quality. Here are some of the most effective customer service training tips which can help you in training your employees to deliver the highest quality of customer service from your company.

Customer service training tips

There is a popular method of customer service training and is known as LATTE method. It employs the following rules:

  • Employees need to LISTEN to the customer
  • ACKNOWLEDGE their complaint
  • TAKE action by solving their problem
  • THANK them
  • EXPLAIN why the problem occurred

The other useful customer service training tips are:

    • When you provide orientation training to your employees, make the customer service communication a mandatory part of the training. Your approach to deal with the customers should be taught to the employees well along with the corporate mission.

    • Ensure that all your employees are well versed in the basics of customer service and they should know how to speak politely with the customers and maintain the composure when they deal with the complaints. Don’t assume that all your employees know well before about the etiquettes. Train them about the basic things like saying Please and Thank You during the interactions with the customers.
    • You should make a list of all the offending phrases which employees should not use during the customer service at any cost. The example is ‘It is not my fault’, or ‘There is nothing I can do’. Provide better answers which include ‘I will do my best to get to the bottom of this’, ‘I understand your frustration and this is obvious’.

  • Always keep the employees well informed about everything related to your products and services so that they can easily answer the customer queries without any hesitation.
  • The personal image of the company should be taken in care and that is why the spellings and grammar used by your employees in personal communication with the customers should be correct. The subject lines should be concise and meaningful.
  • Provide scripts to your employees about the Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Monitor how your employees talk to your clients and provide them feedback so that they improve their customer service skills

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