Coolest New Technologies That Will Shape Cars of the Future

Coolest New Technologies That Will Shape Cars of the Future

We have seen some truly amazing and exciting technologies introduced to the automotive industry in the last couple of decades but the plans that different car companies have for the future overshadow all of them. In the last few years, various companies have announced their plans for concepts and new technologies that are so cool and so useful we cannot wait for them to come out. But, what are the absolute coolest among them?

Self-Driving Cars

The year 2015 was all about different companies sharing their plans for self-driving cars, i.e. cars that will require no involvement from the people inside the car? They would be completely automatic, ensuring that traffic jams are a thing of the past and reducing the number of accidents. Some of the largest automotive companies have already started working on the technology – BMW, Mercedes and even Tesla. Google has also announced its plans for an autonomous car.

Cars that “Talk” to Each Other

Another very cool technology that we will be seeing on our roads soon is cars that communicate with each other. Using Wi-Fi and other wireless methods of communication, these cars will be in constant contact with other nearby cars, thus preventing accidents and also mitigating traffic congestion. Some companies are going even further, introducing the concept of a vehicle communication system where the roads, road signs, vehicles and everything else that is involved in traffic will be in constant communication.

Cars with Outside Airbags

Airbags on the outside of the car have been discussed for years, with manufacturers such as Volvo and Mercedes displaying their solutions which should promote safety. In 2015, Toyota went even further, presenting a small city car which will deploy airbags all around the car in case of a collision. In short, the entire car will become a bubble that will reduce damage and prevent injuries.

Cool New Tires

Tire manufacturers have also been doing their share to come up with cool ideas for the cars of the future. For instance, Goodyear is developing a tire that will help power electric cars while Hankook is working on an airless tire that cannot be punctured or damaged in any way. If you are interested in tires and the future of tires, you should check out this blog.

LED Highways

Some time ago, in the Netherlands, a section of the highway was opened that was illuminated by LED Strips going along the sides of the road. The lights were powered by solar power, gleaming in the night and providing added visibility to the drivers. In the future, we will probably be seeing more of these LED highways which will also provide added information for the drivers, contributing to overall safety in traffic.

Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays

Over the last few years, we have been seeing the first steps in using the windshield for displaying various information pertinent to the driver. The idea is to minimize the time drivers spend looking away from the road. In the future, this will evolve into augmented reality head-up displays which will show much more information than today, synching with GPS and announcing bends in the road before they become visible to the driver.

All in all, there are quite a few really cool car technologies to look forward to in the years to come and it is safe to say that our automotive future is going to be super exciting.

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