Canada’s best tourist places – A Visitor’s Guide

Canada’s best places to see will give you a new perspective on the country, whether you’re a first-time visitor or returning for the second time.

Aside from the natural beauty and wildlife of this vast country, the cities that dot the countryside offer a wealth of cultural and culinary attractions. Explore Churchill’s vast northern tundra in search of polar bears or admire the city skyline from a canoe as you paddle along Vancouver’s sweeping shoreline. If you’re visiting Toronto, try five-star fusion food or listen to jazz jam sessions on the sidewalk.  

You’ll find these tourist attractions in Canada at the top of the list, whether you’re a returning traveler or looking for something new. You won’t be able to visit everything in the second-largest country in the world in a single trip. Canada’s tourist visa and Canada’s temporary visa are two pathways for those who want to visit Canada.

The Canadian Rockies 

Across the border between British Columbia and Alberta, sawtooth-shaped mountains with white tops inspire awe and action. A variety of hiking paths, raging whitewater, and powdery ski slopes await those seeking mountain thrills in five national parks: Banff, Yoho, Kootenay, Waterton Lakes, and Jasper.  

This part of Canada is best explored during the winter months, even though there are a lot of outdoor adventures to be had during the summer.  


Vancouver’s relaxed atmosphere is complemented by the breathtaking natural scenery surrounding the city. Skiable mountains are just outside the city, beaches line the coast, and dense rainforests line Stanley Park only steps from downtown’s gleaming skyscrapers. 

By purchasing some delectable foods and drinks, you can have the best of both worlds while enjoying a picnic in one of the lovely city parks.  

You may go wonderful shopping and wander in the diverse and charming areas, and you can even stumble into a famous person. Several TV and film projects are filmed in Vancouver, also known as “Hollywood North” throughout the year.  

Manitoulin Island 

The biggest freshwater island in the world, Manitoulin Island, is completely surrounded by Lake Huron. This area has beaches and vacation homes. A sparkling panorama can be seen through the angular white quartzite and granite outcroppings that line the shoreline. This island offers local cuisine and eco-adventures infused with First Nations culture (such as wild rice and corn soup). You can experience drumming, dancing, and storytelling at powwows to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and land that is Canada.  

Vancouver Island 

Victoria is the beating heart of Vancouver Island when it comes to bohemian stores, wood-floored coffee shops, and British history ingrained in tea culture since the 1840s. An island that’s home to an abundance of natural treasures begins in the charming capital of British Columbia. 

The West Coast Trail offers stunning vistas and is situated in the ominous Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, where surfers line up on Tofino’s waves and winds batter the ocean. Because of the variety of outdoor activities available here, this is one of the best places to go in Canada for nature enthusiasts. 


A huge, well-equipped, and popular ski resort only 90 minutes from downtown Vancouver, this is one of the best ski resorts in the world. During the Winter Olympics of 2010, it served as a location for the games. The distance between Whistler and Blackcomb is over 200 km, making this place a skier’s paradise. 

Even though Whistler’s main draw is skiing, summer visitors with their stand-up paddleboards and downhill mountain bikes outweigh their ski-season counterparts, making it a year-round tourist and local destination. 

Squamish Li’lwat Cultural Centre and Audain Art Museum, which complement Whistler’s world-famous slopes, contribute to the city’s diversity through their art and culture offerings. 

Baffin Island 

Mountain ranges soar into the clouds on Baffin Island, home to one-third of Nunavut’s population. Given that this is the fifth largest island in the world, an arctic safari may enable you to observe whales, bears, and narwhals in their native habitat. 

In other words, Auyuittuq National Park is the island’s crown jewel. Eastern horizons are dotted with glaciers, fjords, and steep cliffs. A hiker’s paradise, a climber’s paradise, and a polar bear’s paradise, all are attracted to this area. 

Baffin Island is also home to many workshops for fine carving, printmaking, and weaving, with numerous tiny settlements in the region. 

Montréal Jazz Festival

It’s a cultural hub and second-largest city making Montréal an ideal destination for music buffs. Nearly two million jazz lovers can attend the Montréal International Jazz Festival to hear the best jazz musicians around. Over 500 performances and shows are available. 

Astor Piazzolla, BB King, and Prince were some of the performers during the eleven-day music festival in late June. Besides free drum lessons and street-side jam sessions, there are lots of good times to be had day and night.  

Old Québec City 

For more than 400 years, the capital of Québec has captivated visitors with its historic stone walls, gleaming cathedral spires, and jazz-filled corner cafes, all of which contribute to the city’s atmosphere, romance, tragedy, eccentricity, and mystery. In the old town, meandering through the maze of narrow streets and finding yourself lost in the street performers and inviting inns is the best way to experience it all. 

Located in the city, Route 132 is Quebec’s picturesque highway. It winds through the Gaspé Peninsula past quaint towns, the sea, and mountains, providing a scenic ride for more than 700,000 people in the summer.  


Toronto’s metropolitan wonder and cultural diversity overtake you with its frenzied mash-up of neighborhoods and cultures. Do you plan to dine in Greektown or Chinatown? Five-star fusion or a peameal bacon sandwich?  

The megalopolis of Queen West, Ontario’s hippest city, also boasts the best theater, the best concert halls, and a hockey frenzy that is unmatched anywhere else. This makes it the biggest and most diverse city in Canada, with a majority of its citizens born abroad. Enjoy unrivaled city views while strolling around the tower’s edge as you admire Toronto’s most iconic landmark, the CN Tower.  

Rideau Canal 

Over 185 years ago, this 200-kilometer (124-mile) waterway, which connects Ottawa and Kingston by canals, rivers, and lakes, was built. Ottawa’s best opportunity to see the Rideau Canal is during the winter when the Skateway on the Rideau Canal transforms into the biggest skating rink on earth. 

A 7.8-kilometer groomed ice trail is dotted with people zipping by while enjoying hot chocolate and beavertails. Locals create gigantic ice sculptures during the Winterlude celebration in February. 

Niagara Falls 

Although Niagara Falls aren’t particularly tall (it does not rank among the top 500 worldwide), they never fail to impress when several massive bands of water crash over the edge like liquid glass, plunging into the space below, and when mist shrouds a boat cruising towards them. 

A heart-pounding thrill ride on the Greater Niagara Circle Route offers a unique perspective of the falls below as you soar through the air as explore the region beyond the falls. As you zip through the air, you can observe the waterfalls below from the Wildplay Zipline to the Falls.

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