Best Winter Holiday Destinations In India

Except for a few summer destinations, India is scorching hot and humid in most parts unsuitable to have a good time holidaying during peak summers, especially for tourists. Which is exactly why winter season is the time when the country sees a huge flow of tourists during this time of the year.

The best time to go on a holiday or vacation in India is during winters. And although there are a handful of summer destinations, there are numerous numbers of destinations you can tread upon during the winter season. Choosing a destination for a vacation is a daunting task and unless you have your mind fixed on one destination, it is hard to choose.

Winter season is the time where tourism is at its peak in India and it is also often very hard to get a travel ticket which gives you more reasons to narrow down your search to a specific destination as early as possible and book your ticket accordingly. While booking a ticket, if your ticket comes under waiting list, use thePNR prediction online to find out if your ticket has been confirmed and you have secured a seat to yourself. Travelling without a seat in a long journey is impossible and it kills the fun of the vacation before it even starts.

Some of the best Winter destinations in India, in no particular order of popularity, are mentioned below.

  • Himachal Pradesh– Playing host to tourist favorites like Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, these places in Himachal are over loaded with tourists during this time of the year. This place sees snowfall all around with snow-capped mountains and trees, with ancient monasteries and temples and also an ample range of outdoor activities in the snow.

Himachal Pradesh



  • Jammu and Kashmir– The coldest place in India with snow all around during this time of the year, this place is undoubtedly guaranteed to be one of your most memorable holiday destination. A perfect winter destination where people all around you are seen wearing woolen clothes thicker than their own body with snow capped mountains and glaciers in sight.


  • Rajasthan– Home to some of the most popular monumental buildings and palaces, this former abode of the kings and royal families is a destination every traveller or tourist has in their books. Because of its scorching hot and humid summer, a holiday to this place during the mildly warm summers is best suited.




  • Nagaland– A land with picturesque landscape and the land of festivals. This beautiful holiday destination celebrates the Hornbill Festival at the beginning of December which attracts, in a week, the number of foreign tourists that the whole Northeast region put together attracts in a year. A trek up the famous ‘dzukou valley’ will give a new meaning to ‘heaven on earth’ for any visitor.

  • Kerala– Romantic boat rides with your partner and beautiful houseboats along the shores along with various adventurous sports, caves and hiking along the peaks, the countryside of Kerala is nothing but purely beautiful, calm and serene. Travel by train in these part to really witness the true beauty of Kerala. Get your online train ticket booking as soon as possible to avoid having to settle for other means of transport.




  • Goa– The destination where the young, enigmatic crowd of people old and young meet every time around this year is definitely one of the busiest and the most sought after winter holiday destinations. Affordable lifestyle along with unlimited fun. Home to some of the best beaches and craziest parties in India, this place will take you on a roller coaster ride.


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