Are open-back headphones good for gaming?

Yes. No. It isn’t very easy. At least, it can be! There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for the ideal pair of headphones for gaming and if open-back cans seem like a viable option, but fear not! We’ve got your back. Here’s a simple guide to help you figure out which headphone type is best for your situation.

What are open-back headphones?

​Open-back headphones (also known as open-air headphones) are, as the name suggests, characterized by their openness – i.e., there’s no enclosure or partially closed cup surrounding the ear cups. This means that sounds can freely pass in and out of the headphones. The net effect is that you get more accurate sound reproduction (because there’s nothing to muffle or echo the original sound) but very little noise isolation

Benefits of open-back headphones for gaming

Natural sound reproduction. Open-back headphones are the best choice for achieving accurate, natural sound in gaming because there’s nothing to get in between you and your virtual environment. This gives you a clear advantage in competitive situations where every tiny detail could give you an edge over your opponents – e.g., hearing whether an enemy is walking or running, knowing where they’re positioned on the map, etc.

Open-back headphones aren’t very good at noise isolation. Still, if you game or work in noisy environments (e.g., you live with lots of people, your office mates are loud and chatty, etc.), open-back cans can make your experience more pleasurable by letting you tune out the clatter around you.

High value for money. Open-back headphones tend to be significantly cheaper than their closed-back counterparts because they lack more advanced features that give closed-back phones a lot of their versatility and noise isolation power. This means that it’s easier to find a pair with all the

So which headphone type should I get?

Despite the drawbacks, open-back headphones are still a good choice for gamers because they have so many benefits! If you’re gaming alone or in a noisy environment, you don’t need to worry about sound leakage and lack of noise isolation because there’s no one around to bother. As long as you can find a decently priced set that fits all your requirements without breaking the bank, feel free to go with an open-back design!

What are they suitable for?

Open-back headphones are most commonly used by audio professionals, who require high-fidelity reproduction of original sound. If you want to hear every nuance in your favorite studio recording, for instance, open-back headphones are the way to go. The lack of noise isolation means that people around you can easily overhear anything you’re listening to – so they’re best suited for use at home or while travelling.

open back headphones for gaming are fabulous for the gamers too. Let’s say you’re playing a stealthy character and don’t want to give your position away with the click of an un-suppressed pistol. Or maybe you want the full experience and immersion that comes with open-back headphones. In either case, open-back headphones could be an excellent choice for you!

What are they not suitable for?

Open-back headphones suffer from a major design flaw: poor noise isolation. If you plan to use your headphones in a noisy environment, such as on the go or in an office setting, open-back headphones aren’t the best choice. You’ll struggle to hear the audio clearly with all the ambient noise, and the person sitting next to you will hear anything you’re listening to.

They’re also not the best pick if you want a headphone that makes it easy to hear your surroundings at all times – you can get better situational awareness with closed-back headphones, which are better suited to high-noise environments. These use noise isolation to keep outside sound out and inside sound in, giving you the ability to block out your surroundings – great for noisy open-plan offices or anyone keen to shut out the rest of the world now and then!

They provide an open sound

Open-back headphones provide a more natural sound and don’t altogether remove you from your environment. That makes them an excellent choice for gaming, but they’re not the only option! Take a look at our selection of closed-back headphones to find something more suited to your needs.

What other factors should I keep in mind? 

Comfort is also an important factor! You’ll want to find a pair of cans that feel good after hours of gaming – so check out our headphone buyer’s guide to get an idea of which headphones will be best for you.

So there you have it – open-back headphones are not necessarily better than closed-back cans when it comes to gaming. It does depend on what you’re looking for! Open-back headphones provide a more natural listening experience, while closed-back cans offer a more isolated and private incident.

We hope that helps! Once you’ve decided on whether open back or closed-back headphones are best for you, take a look at our full range of headphones, and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect pair of gaming cans.

Open-back vs Closed-back is not everything when it comes to headphones

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So which headphone type is best?

It depends on your environment, what you’re using the headphones for, and your personal preferences. If you’re at home, for instance, and want to ensure you can hear every nuance of a studio recording as if it were being performed live in the room, then open-back headphones are the way to go! Just be sure that those around you aren’t going to get annoyed by what they hear…

If you need to focus on the game and keep aware of your surroundings simultaneously, however, closed-back headphones may be a better pick. You can’t beat them for noise isolation and situational awareness in high-noise environments – especially once you start adding active noise cancellation technology into the mix.


Remember, you don’t have to choose one type of headphones over the other. Most headphones available today come as a mixture of open-back and closed-back designs, giving you the best of both worlds! Whether you prefer open-back, closed-back, or a combination of both when it comes to your headset is entirely personal, and we hope this article has helped you decide which headphone type is the best for you.


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