Amazing Places In The World That Can Be A Great Business Venue


The world is packed with amazing places, and since we’re now used to working remotely, many business people choose to pack their bags are travel the world in the pursuit of the ideal business venue. Ten, twenty years ago the finest office buildings were positioned in New York City (Wall Street), Paris, Dubai, Beijing, London, and Shanghai – basically the world’s busiest cities with the most developed business centers. Things have changed over the years, and right now many business owners are running away from these overly bustling hubs. Some even tackle less developed cities to open a business, thus expanding the marketplace. Which are some of the best place in the world that can be a fantastic business venue?


Poland’s economy has gone through a significant change in the last couple of years. This beautiful country prides with a long history, rich culture and healthy surrounding environment. The Carpathian and Tatra mountains make Poland truly breathtaking, whereas in the heart of the country we have the most alluring limestone caves, woods and lakes. On the Baltic Sea, the sandy beaches and pine forests are just breathtaking. So why is Poland the perfect ground for a business center? Because it fosters unique historical palaces, opulent business venues and conference rooms and lots of annual business events. Among some of the best we should mention Wojanów Palance, the Opera Nova Congress Center, and the Palace of Science and Culture.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver prides with the most spectacular harbor views. The Vancouver Convention Center in particular, has some of the most beautiful, stylish and elegant settings in the world. The recent development of the West Building triples the capacity of the center. Businesses can organize all kinds of meetings here, cocktail parties, exhibitions, and corporate events. The EIU, the Economist Intelligence Unit, has named the city one the best to travel to for business purposes for 3 years in a row. The Convention Center in particular, is ideally positioned near Vancouver’s best hotels and restaurants; also, the Vancouver International Airport is just 30 minutes away from the business center.


Prague has some of the best hotels, restaurants and business centers in Europe. The city has received many distinguished awards over the years, a Best Luxury Award for Alchymist Hotel & Spa – the in the world in 2011. Prague Congress Centre (PPC) is the country’s most prominent business landmarks, with over 50 congress halls spanning on 13,000 square meters. The venues are a prime location for business conferences, meetings, exhibitions, banquets, social events, cultural productions and more. The largest is The Congress Hall with a capacity of nearly 3,000 people.


Barcelona is Europe’s second most popular destination for business conferences and meetings. Over the past 20 years, the city has completely reinvented itself. The infrastructure has been improved, new hotels have been built and the whole architectural and urban layout of the city has become more tech-savvy and business oriented. The city prides with 4 major conference centers. The most notable is The International Congress Center of Barcelona (CCIB) spanning nearly 100, 000 square meters. The modern architecture of this place, versatile rooms and meetings spaces, and tech-like design makes CCIB an ideal venue for business conferences, meetings, exhibitions, business events and more.  Read more about carp fishing in France.


Last but not least, we have a less techy place for doing business, namely Suffolk in Ipswich, England. This country town prides with the most interesting historical venues and country-like attractions. Everything about this place screams English customs and traditions. The castles exude a rustic vibe that can’t be seen anywhere else in English. Why is Suffolk a good place for doing business? Because it’s quiet and discreet; there are many conference venues in Suffolk you might want to consider for your event, although the most notable is the Kentwell Hall, a place surrounded by beautiful nature and outstanding scenery.

The world is a business-oriented maze. There’s business district in almost all developed cities, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should organize your meetings there. Sometimes, the less busy towns are a much greater alternative. Choose your venue and get your business going! Pick a place that appeals to your senses and turn your venture into a worldwide phenomenon.

By Maxwell Donovan and!

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