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A healthy body is not a one day routine or a 30 day shred period that you go for to get some health and fitness. Your healthy body requires a change in your overall life style and that change you need to maintain. This is the only key to stay persistent with your routine.

Your body fats are the ones that should be reduced as much as they could. There are definitely some good body fats which you need to keep while rest needs to be shredded out as much as possible. Your body fats that accumulate in the areas of the abdomen and the upper back give you a massive appearance. How to get rid of those fats? It is not that easy you have got to work for it, to lose that muffin top or shed the inner thigh fat or to lose those love handles.
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The fats burnt after that is easy to go with, until the real stubborn fat comes. These areas are your target areas where the stubborn fat is stuck and is not ready to leave you until you give it all in. the best way to counter this time is to give jerks to your body which means you need to shake that routine of yours that you are following since a while and dodge your body. This is the most effective way to keep your body in place and to cut down the last kilos from your body. Cutting that belly fat is just not a piece of cake you need to push yourself harder and harder for that amazing flat belly. If you are done with those crunches then you should start with the sit ups or you could even try those leg raises to give your routine a new turn. Similarly, there are exercises for the areas like thighs and arm flab etc. The next is how to lose love handles of yours? Love handles could be a problem which could be sighted in men mostly, while the females are also a target to it.

Regarding those love handles, that is the fats and flab around the sides of your waist/belly it is said that a few particular workouts can held cut it down. But before going for the target areas, one has to make sure that he/she has shredded enough weight to focus on this area. If you are beginner than you can start with bicycle crunches and then proceed to walking planks. These are really good moves to kill that flab on your sides. Dead lifts are the more advanced version to go with; initially you might not want to these so there is always a lighter option to go with.

You must know what is right and what is good for your body. To give your body a lavish treatment you must know what your body requires and you should go with that. Not everyone around can follow the same routine as you do and vice versa, hence mould your routine according to your body needs. Know what your body reacts to positively and what it does not like. If you read somewhere talking eggs as a part of your breakfast is the a healthy way to start with but you know your body does not accept it in the mornings and you feel like throwing up, so do not take it! hop to something else. Similarly, if you read squats are the best way to sculpt your hips but you know that your knees can not take that hinging movement regularly than immediately quit. It is your body and you need to love it and take care of it. Listen to what it says, and do not ignore what it demands. But, train your body at the same time to get into a healthier life style. And a life style means altering the way you lived before! Not just for a day or two or maybe for a couple of months. Transform your lifestyle, stay healthy and stay fit, get your regular checkups done especially when you reach 40 or above. Keep a check on your body, because you own it and you have the power to deal with it however you want. Remember, it is mind over matter, if you are losing your track to health and fitness someday just remember this and move on motivated and ready to get back on the path again! This will definitely lead you to your health and fitness back.


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