Adds members, photo-sharing app form Google+


Google is among the most happening companies in the world, you will often hear this giant search engine company making headlines in different media. You could find the company being discussed, debated and talked for all good and bad reasons. However, this time, Google is back in the headlines, with Google Plus coming up with a newly added photo sharing application. As per the company, Google Plus users all across the world has now touched the figure of 135 millions, so at such milestone. Google has used this juncture to add the photo sharing application for its users. With this application Google Plus will compete with Instagram a similar kind of application for Facebook users.

Google Plus gets an edge with photo-sharing app

As per Mr. Vic Gundotra, Sr. VP of Google, the newly added social networking site- Google Plus is among the fastest growing network in social media domain. As per this man around 500 million users have chosen to upgrade their Google accounts to enter in Google Plus, while it has 135 million active members all across the world. In this way, it gives a tough competition to the arch rival social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. At such juncture, Gundotra thinks that the enthusiasm of Google Plus users could be enhanced with a number of tools and adding up a photo sharing application is a move in this direction only. These tools and applications will help the users to build a strong relationship among their circles and remain alive and active in their hangout. The application will also help them in sharing a number of breathtaking pictures with their innermost circle of friends. In this way, the Google Plus gets an edge by having this application on board for the users.

The photo-sharing app at a glance

For the people who have been using this application since past one day of its launch seems to be giving a good review about this photo sharing application. It is developed very neatly by the company as it carries a good user interface, people using since past one day seems to like the application. It helps in adding a new twist over the photo sharing, which has the prime objective of categorizing (or help giving captions) different photos along with helping the users to watch or follow their areas of interests. For instance, if you like bikes, you can share pictures of bikes and also could see vines of bike pictures.

Also, if you want to follow pictures of your interest over Photovine then it’s not a difficult job either. It is very simple along with being impressive. However, if you compare with Instagram, the enhancements introduced by Facebook are better than Google Plus. Google seems to have missed out something as seen over Instagram, yet the giant search engine could plan of adding these at the later stage, and with just one day after the launch, it would be too early to comment on this aspect. The users could later enjoy editing their pictures much more they could do with the option of cropping. Perhaps, at this face, Instagram seems to be leading at the moment. If you start using this photo sharing application, your initial contention would be that it is not much user friendly tool; however, as you move ahead using this application you could easily overcome this minor thing.

Final word

Google Plus is basically a platform to crowd around people of same interests and flair along with finding new people over it. Before the advent of this application, it was missing some of the real time fun of sharing photos with friends found in their circles. However, with addition of this application, Google plus has now become a permanent homes for the users.

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