8 Tools Every Household Should Own

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Even if you are not the greatest DIY enthusiasts you have to admit one thing – Having the most essential tools stored somewhere in your house can save you a lot of headache. Some malfunctions are simply not worthy calling a repairman. Sometimes, repairman can’t intervene in time. But what exactly are those essential tools every household should have? Let us find out.


Pretty self-explanatory. Sooner or later you will come into satiation where you need to hit something, and there is nothing more adequate for this demanding duty but hammer. Keep in mind, though, sledgehammers may look the most durable, but the chances are that you are going to use regular curved claw hammer much more often.


The number of different types of wrenches all of which are designed with some specific purpose in mind is pretty huge. That is why we will cut this list short and mention only the most versatile ones, which you will have an opportunity to use in most of the situations. Yes, you’ve guessed it – We are talking about the adjustable wrench. If you are, on the other hand planning to buy a bike, throw into this mix a socket wrench as well.


Another thing worth mentioning when talking about the essential tools is a screwdriver. Just do your best to find the package with the set of interchangeable heads and rubberized grip that will allow you to deal with the stubborn screws. Traditionally, one piece screwdrivers tend to be more durable and easy to use, but for the majority of small house repairs, you will get away even with the first mention.


Much like wrenches, pliers too feature a lot of different varieties. Once again we will mention two of them you are going to use most frequently. First ones are needle-nose pliers that are used for the more sophisticated duties and precise electronics. The second ones are locking (mole) pliers that can be locked into some position to be used as knobs or to hold something together.


At the first glance, saw does not look like something a household absolutely needs, but only at the first glance. When you take a look at the list of things these tools can cut through (wood, iron, steel, plastic, cables, etc.) you will see that having them by your side is not that bad of an idea. As for the most efficient variety, that would be hacksaw with interchangeable blades.


Quality drill may be one of the bigger investments on this list, but it is always good to have one, especially if you are planning to buy ready-to-assemble furniture somewhere in the near future. If you are ready to spend a little more money, buy the cordless drill with at least 15-18 drill bits.


Used for everything, from climbing on an attic, all the way to repairing lighting, painting and washing windows; ladders will make sure that all the tools we mentioned above will get an opportunity to see some action. The A-frame ladders are more robust and heavier than the regular leaning ladders, but they will also allow you more freedom.

Safety Glasses

Last but not least, you should pay more attention to keeping yourself safe, while making any kind of repairs. Aside from hands, the parts of your body that will be the most vulnerable are your eyes. Fortunately, you can find top-quality glasses in virtually any hardware store in Sidney, Brisbane, or any other town in Australia, so this should not be too much of an issue. Just don’t try to substitute them with regular glasses that can cause even more damage if broken.

These were 8 most essential tools every family will, at some point, have a use of. Don’t wait for your house to fall apart. Buy them, and you will buy yourself and your family a piece of mind.



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