8 Content Marketing Predictions by Experts You Need To Be Aware Of This 2017

Content marketing strategy is one major strategy that is used by almost all the marketers in India even today. With more than 70% of the marketers investing in content marketing this number is expected to grow in the upcoming years. This leaves as with no choice but to know and adapt the hottest content marketing predictions in 2017. People even today have been talking about content marketing in general. But what are its specific impacts that it may continue to have in 2017. Given below are the top 10 content marketing predictions you need to be aware of this 2017.

Fewer But Better Content Pieces:Committing or investing in good content marketing does not mean that you will have to produce tons of content together.So what is it then? Content that engages, educates and inspires others to come forward and share the content is what is required by most of the business organizations, and not something that rehashes the top three content marketing articles on google. Effective content marketers will here have to produce content that will help them engage with their marketing audiences, making sure that they come back. The priority always have to be given to the first scale.

Video will be crowned to be the content king:It is pretty clear that 2016 has had its fair share of video content, and the will continue to increase in 2017. Future of video marketing will still continue to remain bright. This fundamental tool even today is considered to be the most engaging form of content, and is believed to be a core element behind every successful SEO Strategy.Any digital marketing expert can confirm that video has been rapidly on the rise, therefore it does make sense taking advantage of the mechanism which has been performing so well and better. It is believed that never change a winning formula and in relation to video marketing this has been the point.

Interactive Content:Interactive content is believed to see a big rise this year. People like to be more involved through content that provides them with a huge opportunity.As a content marketer one of the biggest goal is to drive engagement as much as possible, followed by interactive content by definition helping you do that. Interactive content is less used than the other forms of content marketing, helping you stand ahead of their competitors. Interactive content helps in appealing users on a different level, since they get to be a part of it as an active participant and not just consumers.

Less Sales Content:We all do hope that the year 2017 turns out to be a year for everyone where they learn the differences between the sales and marketing content. The worst way of bringing your marketing audiences into your brand is driving the sales content down their throat. Most get pressure from their bosses to weave mention their brand and their material. The editorial content is meant to attract people from the awareness stage where the sales pitch has to stay away and out of it. So look out for strategies that will help you educate your marketing audiences developing a great marketing strategy.

Content Will Surpass Traditional Advertising:As the time continues to move forward, traditional advertising will continue to diminishing. With the rise of digital marketing and the power of internet it is clearly evident that the future of marketing is online. Content marketing helps in bringing many benefits to table as it continues to result in social traffic, better SEO and increased conversion potential. Hence it is not a bad idea to make an investment in such an effective marketing technique. It is a known fact that brands are spending enough amount of money on content marketing as opposed to traditional advertising.

Niche Topics and Personalization:When it comes to email marketing, personalization is believed to be the key.However this is something that has not been applied on content marketing in a large scale. With a huge data being easily accessible to your marketing audience content marketing will continue to trend towards a much more customized approach. Content creation has to be personalized and contextually relevant in order to easily successful within your consumers. 67% of them believe that they continue to use behaviour based in order to develop content based insights and emotions.

Deep Brand Story Telling:The word story telling is bandied about quite a bit in the advertising and the content marketing world. Often this world has become a thinly veiled term for whatever the agency has been doing. Story telling is even today considered to be an incredible way of bringing people into fold connecting with them in an emotional manner.

Getting the Right Marketing Audience to Share Content:In 2017, it is believed that the b2b marketers will continue to focus on the user behaviours, identifying what kind of content will resonate with the right marketing audiences leading to a successful marketing campaign.You need to remember that your messages can turn out to be disruptive, hoping that it will appeal to professionals, audiences, engagements, your content needs to be entertaining, informative, and yes even valuable enough.

To Conclude:

We have planned to pursue these tactics ourselves recommending our partners do the same. Content marketing is never that easy and is an unavoidable challenge. As you continue your content marketing strategies and efforts in the New Year, we wish you all the success in 2017.

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