8 Common Mistakes Made While Shaping Eyebrows

8 Common Mistakes Made While Shaping Eyebrows

Your eyebrows are a significant part of your face. They frame your face and add definition to your eyes. Grooming your eyebrows properly can make a world of difference to the way you look. Some common mistakes most people make while shaping eyebrows are:

1. Over plucking:

Some people pluck out so much eyebrow hair that it leaves gaps in the brow. Determine if you are obsessively plucking all the hair out. If you cannot see that tiny strand of hair with your naked eyes, others cannot see it either! So, it’s best to leave them alone. Resist the temptation to take a pair of tweezers to your eyebrow every day. Instead, pluck out hair only once every two to three weeks. If you allow brow hair to grow out at its own pace, the brow looks more even. The full brow is also a fashion trend that you can follow if the look suits you.

2. Too high arches:

If you create arches that are too high, you end up with an unnatural looking constantly surprised face. You can determine where your natural arch lies by looking for the highest point of your eyebrow. Contrary to belief, it is not at the center of your brow. This point lays around two-thirds of the distance measured from the inside of the brow. Remove hair from below the brow to create a natural arch.

If you have brows of a very light color, you can use brow brush and powder to shade the area that you want to shape. Then, using a pair of tweezers, remove hair from only around that area. No more, no less!

3. Removing too much off the sides:

Many people remove too much hair in between their eyebrows in an attempt to fend off the unibrow look. This extra space makes the nose look bigger and the eyes wide apart. The eyebrow should begin in line with the bridge of your nose.

The reverse is also true; removing too much hair from the sides of your eyebrows is a mistake. In order to determine how much hair to remove from the outer edges of the eyebrows, place a tongue depressor on the side of your nose. Now, angle it in such a way that it reaches the outside of your eye and upwards toward your eyebrow. You can remove hair past this area without any worries.

4. Too thin:

Very thin eyebrows do nothing to flatter your face. Instead of looking sophisticated, you may end up looking artificial. Repeated tweezing may retard the growth of hair. This may cause problems if you want fuller eyebrows later.

5. Comma eyebrow:

The comma shaped eyebrow appears when you remove too much hair while trying to shape an arch. It looks artificial and you may end up looking ugly. Typically, eyebrows should be shaped in such a way as to form a natural, gradual slope. Remove hair from the area above the outer edge of the iris of your eye.

6. Semi-circle eyebrow:

Eyebrows that look like semicircles look extremely unnatural and even funny. You get this look when you remove too much hair from the first one-third of the brow and then create a too-high arch exactly at the center of the brow.

7. Forgetting the top of the brow:

We are all careful about tweezing below the brow to create a natural and perfect arch. But, have you realized that the top of the arch is equally important? It is good to have a thick brow but there is no excuse for keeping it unkempt. Stray hair is more noticeable on top of the brow, so ensure that you pluck them out neatly.

8. Overuse of brow pencil:

A brow pencil is a life saver when you’ve plucked out most of your brow leaving huge, visible gaps. But, never draw a thick, straight line on your brow. It stands out unnaturally and makes your face look painted.

Use feathery and light strokes to create definition in your brow. Shade your eyebrows, do not draw them. It is best to follow the natural curve of your brow.

Use a pencil color that is a shade lighter than your actual hair color to avoid looking fake.

Instead of using a pencil, an angled brow brush can be used to fill in brow powder. Again, the shade should be lighter than the natural color of your hair.

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