7 incredible search engines beyond Google


Google could be a giant in search engines; however, there are several other platforms and search tools, which could help you in finding your desire info. You could even get better security at some of these search engines, thus could easily end up securing your privacy level while working over these search engines. Ironically due to a much hype created about Google, people often tend to overlook checking some other options and sadly few net users may not even know that other options in search engines are available over the web landscape. For such souls, the below list of search engines tools could be a good resource. Let’s check them out:


  1. Ixquick: It is basically a Meta search engine, which came into being in the year 1998. Ixquick promises greater amount of privacy and powerful searches giving you much better results than you could even imagine. Here you will find the search results coming along with ratings (five stars), which simple mean that the five search engines agree to this particular result. While entering for any advanced search, lxquick simply sends out the query to the search engines, which manages that particular query that you end up finding your own results.


  1. Dogpile: This search engine was developed by a company popularly known as Infospace, which gives instant results saving your loads of time. It yields a number of search results from popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and other places (also from video and audio content providers).


  1. Apache Solr: This is among the open source stand alone sever, which was conceived by the project carried out at Apache Lucen. It is popular platform, which promises a number of features including powerful full text search, faceted search, hit highlighting, rich document handling, dynamic clustering of information, and some of the best kind of near real time indexing.


  1. YaCy: Unlike Solr, Yacy also happens to be an open source platform, which focuses over peer to peer network best suited for decartelized web search. It helps in finding out a number of searches using the complete public internet via global peer network wherein information of different groups are considered as equal without censoring the content. YaCy happens to be a free tool, which could be easily downloaded from the web.


  1. GoodSearch: This search engine is basically powered by Yahoo, which interestingly contributes its half revenue with a number of charities projects. It usually generates money through different means via search engine advertisers, traders and participating restaurants. GoodSearch has some cool features, including GoodShop, which is basically a catalogue of merchants, who are known to support different causes, another feature is GoodDining, which helps to find out a good place to dine out and lastly the feature called GoodSurvey helps in taking market research surveys, which will help in earning money for several favorite causes. Every month has more than 5 lakh as unique visitors over this search engine.


  1. Ark: It is a much personal search engine for you, which helps you searching anything you want. Ark could be called as a handy tool to alternative top Graph search. You can enjoy different searches through more than one billion users based at different locations, colleges and employments and the filters found in Ark simply help you in finding out the right person or search for you. If you have shifted to any new location or city, this search tool help you in finding and people and places for you.


  1. DuckDuck Go: If privacy happens to be your top concern, then consider using this search tool. DuckDuck Go is a search engine, which employs information from different sources including the Wikipedia. The users enjoy the privilege of getting good and useful search functions, privacy security and protection of the user information as nothing is recorded by the search engine. It has several special features like ‘goodies’ or special search queries including the programming and calculations, browser extensions, which help you a lot in getting a perfect search result  with all peace of mind.


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