6 Work from Home Tips That Will Level Up Your Productivity

Believe it or not, it seems as though the pandemic is slowly coming to a close. We can feel the day when we’re getting our freedom back and living normal again in the air. Meanwhile, we can’t expect to go back to the way things used to be in the office before the pandemic. Under the rapidly changing circumstances, the concept of work changed forever. Companies are introducing the hybrid workplace to give opportunities the flexibility and balance they’re looking for. Since you’re going to spend a few days a week working from home, you’ll need tips to level up your productivity. Here are six of them to help you out.

Set Expectations with Family Members

Some people still don’t understand what remote work is all about. Although you’ve gotten used to it, your parents perhaps didn’t have the chance to work from home back in the day. Not going to the office every day hardly makes any sense to them. To prevent your family members from interrupting your video meetings, you have to set clear expectations with them. It’s important to emphasize the role daily workload plays in your accessibility. Sometimes you won’t have too much work and you’ll be able to help with household chores. Others, you won’t be able to participate as much as you once did. Don’t forget to inform them about changes in the schedule, so they can accommodate properly.

Maintain Regular Working Hours

Most employees want to work remotely because it helps them balance work and private life better. Or so they think. Without fixed working hours, balancing the two is impossible. You’ll either start working early in the morning to catch up with a coworker from a different time zone or stay longer to tie up loose ends. If you do, make sure to finish work earlier or start working later the next day to make up for the extra time you spent in the office. In case you don’t have a fixed schedule, make one yourself. Start your workday with an end in mind and make sure to wrap it up by that time. It’s not all about work, your private life matters too.



Remote work relies on efficient communication to produce desired results. This is the time for you and your team to overcommunicate your needs, schedules, progresses, etc. Instead of letting your coworkers and managers assume you’ve finished your daily tasks, tell them. If necessary, repeat it. What’s also important is to share each other’s schedules. Better yet, align them and create opportunities for teamwork in real-time. For effective communication, use official corporate channels. You can also experiment with competitors of Workplace by Facebook and improve internal communication. With the right information at the right time, you’ll be able to exceed expectations with your performance.


Get Access to Necessary Tools

Some managers assume their remote employees can use their personal laptops or tablets for work. However, it lowers their productivity because there are too many distractions. It only takes one click to log in on their social media accounts and waste an hour or two scrolling through the feed. With corporate laptops at their disposal, distractions aren’t that easily accessible. By getting the necessary tools from the company, you’re actually feeling more responsible for the work you’re supposed to do. As a result, you can focus solely on completing their tasks and attending video conferences. More importantly, once you finish with them, you can turn them off and forget all about work for the rest of the day.


Exercise Regularly

Most remote workers tend to neglect their need to be physically active even though they no longer commute to work. It results not only in decreasing efficiency but also in neck and back pains among other health issues. One of the healthiest ways to maintain productivity is making regular exercise and physical movement a part of your daily routine. When exercising, the blood flows to your brain which sharpens your cognitive abilities. As a result, you can focus better and stay concentrated longer on a specific task. Similarly, regular exercise stimulates the endorphin making you feel cheerful and content.


Socialize with Coworkers

Remote work is tough on extroverts. Fewer interactions make them feel lonely and disengaged from their team. Companies with hybrid work models provide their remote teams with separate channels or apps for socialization purposes only. You and your coworkers can use them to talk about non-work stuff such as personal experiences, recommendations, etc. Since safety restrictions are slowly being lifted, you can also organize meetups and interact in person. This way, you have the opportunity to leave the house and get the interaction you desperately need. When you satisfy this need, you’ll feel energized and ready for new challenges in the virtual office the next day.


The new normal in the workplace means a hybrid model. You’ll have to divide your working hours between home and traditional office. As a result, your productivity might take a hit. To not let it get that far, use our advice and maximize your productivity while working remotely.

Morgan Rose Elliott graduated in marketing from The University of Sydney. Hobbies include yoga, reading, home renovation. A rookie blogger who loves writing about business and lifestyle equally. She is happily married, stay a home mother of three.
Twitter account: https://twitter.com/MorganRoseElli1

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