5 Things You Need To Know While Buying A Power Bank


Nowadays, smartphone devices have become an important part of our day-to-day life. With smartphones getting bigger, better and more powerful each and every day, their usability, capabilities and hence their demand are also growing all across the globe. Today, almost each and every person on the earth including, a student, a professional, a doctor, an engineer or even a teenager, everyone desires for a powerful smartphone device. The only reason for this remains the advanced capabilities and features found on a smartphone device.

However, low battery backup still remains one of the biggest and major problems faced by smartphone owners. No matter, it’s an Apple iPhone, Google Nexus or Lumia Smartphone owner, every smartphone owner faces the problem of early battery drainage on-the-go. This is where; the need of power banks arrives.

If you are planning to buy a power bank for your smartphone, here we bring 5 things you need to while buying a power bank.


You need to know the capacity of the portable power bank, which is measured in milliampere-hour (mAH). And the capacity of your smartphone’s battery is also measured in mAH. For example, if your smartphone has a battery of 1500mAH, a 3000mAH power bank can charge your smartphone almost twice. Though, not 100% the second time, because of voltage conversion and resistance. You can even buy a power bank of 20,000mAH, which can charge your smartphone device several times. Though, bigger and better also means heavier and costlier.

USB Charging

You need to know whether the power bank supports USB charging capability or not. A power bank that doesn’t support USB charging would need power adaptor and a separate capable every time for its charging. On the other hand, a power bank that supports USB charging can be charged using any USB charging cable from a laptop on-the-go as well. A good quality power bank can be charged using different type of connectors as well.

Number of Ports

You need to know the number of output ports present on the power bank. For example, a power bank with two output ports would allow you to charge both your smartphone and tablet together at the same time. Whereas, a power bank with single port would either charge your smartphone or tablet at a time.


Power banks are bought for their portability. You can find numerous small and light witght power banks selling in the market, which claim big capacity as well. However, you need to understand this that cheap and light-weight power banks would fail to charge your device completely and wouldn’t last for long. If you are looking for a power bank with huge capacity, you need to understand this that a bigger and powerful power bank will be heavier and costlier as well.

Price vs. Quality

Nowadays, there are numerous power banks selling in the market and e-commerce portals which are available at very cheap price tag. One can even buy a power bank for Rs. 200 or Rs.300. But you need to know that these cheap power banks don’t carry any sort of warranty and are of cheap quality as well. They won’t charge your device properly and would die soon as well. If you need solid quality, you need to pay more as well.

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