5 Social Media Rules for online entrepreneurs and marketers

5 Social Media Rules for online entrepreneurs and marketers

The advent of Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter were simply meant to find out old buddies and high school or college friends, but with its popularity all across the globe, it has become the best marketing tool for a number of small and medium size entrepreneurs apart from being the favorite platforms for large think tanks for business promotions. Hence the use of these sites is no more a leisure thing but has become the best place on the web to garner mammoth fan/follower base to promote or market different small or big business brands. So, when it comes to using social media the entrepreneurs or marketers need to keep in mind the below discussed five rules to pitch for their brand promotion.

  1. 1.     Embrace the culture of different social networks

You can find a number of social networking websites, which help in promoting your business. However, each and every site of these is very much different than the other. If you want to leverage from these sites as a marketer, you are supposed to engage deeply in these networking sites and try out creative ways to approach your target audience. For instance, in Twitter, you have the option of re-tweeting the same posts as many times you want to attract your target audience, however, in Facebook you can do just once since by doing so in a number of time can bombard your followers with so many posts. Hence you are supposed to understand different sites and its culture and adopt them to promote and market your brand.

  1. 2.     Use social media to generate business

From marketing perspective the time you invest over these sites should be worthwhile. Besides having a tangible kind of followers you also have to focus on getting a good amount of clientele base pertaining to your niche area. This can be carried out via displaying your expertise in blog posts and putting the same over a number of social media sites. With this, your followers would end up getting the updates about the things you carry out in your business venture.

  1. 3.     Focus on specific niche

Though you may find loads of useful information from social media via a number of users the very same thing can become too much distracting. Being a thought leader, your role is to simply specialize in any one of the chosen area or few specific areas so that your target audience can be easily glued to your site. By being an expert in your chosen niche area like the products and services you deal you end up making your voice and opinion credible and trustworthy and thus people would refer you for taking any decision or forming any opinion about the subjects you deal with.

  1. 4.     Engage your audience

In order to get a good traction over your page, you would require a positive interaction with your target audience. As social media is two way traffic in terms of communication and deals with producing high quality content, you are supposed to entertain your audience’s comments appropriately. Make sure you also take one step ahead and visit the professional pages of others as well so as to trigger some mutual interaction. This will add a sense of equality and end up developing loyalty between you and your peers.

  1. 5.     Quality content matters

If you keen to see your followers to visit your page on a regular basis then you are supposed to post worthy things out there. So, the content you share over there makes the difference. You have the option of creating your own quality content or simply sharing the stuff of others giving them due credit. Hence with a good blend these two ways of content sharing would simply end up promoting your brand or business over the social media.




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