5 best Social Media Cameras to make your content viral

5 best Social Media Cameras to make your content viral

Cameras play a vital role in capturing some of the best moments. As images and videos are also considered as one of the types of content, hence its quality does matter when you think in the perspective of online marketing. For effective online marketing and promotion of your niche products and services you need quality pictures, which can easily complement the text content. If you run an online magazine or newspaper then quality images and videos have huge role to play. As you remember the old axiom- ‘seeing believes’ hence you cannot even think of compromising on their quality. Luckily, you have specialized social media cameras, which help in capturing some of the best pictures, which can have all the potentials of going viral over the web. Let’s check the top five best social media cameras as under:

1). Olympus Pen Lite E- PL 5

Olympus Pen Lite E- PL 5


Talking about social media cameras, the top slot goes to Olympus Pen Lite E- PL 5. It comes with a resolution of 16 MP- CMOS having ISO up to 25600 carrying a 3.0 inches screen backed by 180 degrees swivel LCD based touchscreen. You can capture both still and video pictures and as far as their connectivity feature is concerned, you have a built in Wi-Fi which helps in connecting with different mobile devices. Some of its special features include 12 Creative Art filters and Touch AF Shutter Technology.

2). Sony NEX- 5R

Sony NEX- 5R

Second is the Sony NEX- 5R, which is reported with a resolution of 16.1 MP, carrying 25600 ISO and unlike the above camera it has a 3.0 inches screen backed by 180 degrees swivel LCD based touchscreen. The video capacity is 1080p HD, whereas talking about the connectivity feature; it comes with a in-built Wi-Fi element, which helps in connecting a number of mobile devices wherein you can even download several apps. The special feature includes the 4 built in editing apps.

3). Panasonic Lumix DMC – G6

Panasonic Lumix DMC – G6


Another worthy social media camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC – G6, which is found with the resolution of 16.05MP, ISO reaching up to 25600 whereas the screen happens to be of 3.7 inches based LCD touch screen. The Video is 24P HD, whereas the internet capabilities include the built in Wi Fi and NFC and automatic sharing feature to mobile devices. The special features include 19 filter effects and OLED viewfinder.

4). Samsung Galaxy Camera 

Samsung Galaxy Camera


The social media camera comes with 16 MP resolution with ISO of around 3200 backed by a touchscreen of size 4.8 inches LCD. You can shoot videos up to 1080 P pure in high definition. Talking about the internet capabilities, it has a built in Wi Fi, 3 and 4G Support, along with feature of downloading additional applications. The special features include Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and 21x optical zoom, which has made this camera a TIPA award winner.

5). Samsung NX300

Samsung NX300

This camera comes with a resolution of 20.3 MP, having ISO up to 25600, with a screen of 3.3 inches Amoled tilt carrying the touch screen features. It has the capacity of carrying 1080P HD quality videos and as far as the internet capabilities is concerned it carries a built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, which can help you in connecting with a number of Samsung devices, fire shutter remote, etc. Lastly, the special features include 3D panoramas and i-Function lens.


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