5 Fresh and Innovative Accessories for the HTC One

5 Fresh and Innovative Accessories for the HTC One

The HTC One is one of the hottest smartphones on the market. Designed for those who love the iPhone but can’t afford the high price, the mobile phone has almost all of the same features. Adding some fresh and innovate accessories can help make your phone a little functional and interesting.

Kit: High Power Dual USB Charger

Have you ever been in the middle of a busy day, looked down and found your phone dead? With this USB charger, you can charge your HTC One anytime you want. A series of lights on the front lets you know when your phone has a charge, and you can even use it to charge your tablet and other electronics.

Handy Pets Cell Phone Holder

If you still have a few stuffed animals around your home, this is the cell phone holder for you. Available in various designs, including lions, dogs, turtles and hippos, the soft-sided design of the holder keeps your HTC One safe from damage caused by dropping.

HTC One Rubberized Feather Case

Get a grip on your smartphone with this rubberized case. Available in both black and white finishes, you can also customize the case to include an image of your choosing. It won’t block your camera or any of the buttons on your phone, and its textured exterior prevents slipping.

HTC One Screen Protector Film

If you ever owned a smartphone before, you know that scratches are a pain. Sliding your phone in and out of your pocket, dropping it on the floor and slipping it across the table can all cause scratches. With screen protector film, your HTC One will remain free of scratches. The film attaches easily and won’t interfere with the color or contrast on the phone.

ECO Horizontal Carrying Case

carrying your HTC One with you every day is easy when you use this carrying case. Its sleek design lets you slide your phone inside, and it has a flap that fits over the top to keep your phone from sliding out. The stylish case even has a little extra space for storing your credit cards or a few extra dollars.

Before you buy the Blackberry 10 from Bell.ca, compare the accessories available for that phone against the accessories available for the HTC One. While both phones have some similar features, you might find that you prefer the cases, holders and other innovative accessories available for the HTC One over the accessories you can buy for the Blackberry 10.

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