10 Car Shopping Tips – Points To Remember While Buying A Car


So you have decided to buy a car, but you don’t know what to do next. Buying a new car is a decision we do not take frequently. It is important that due care is given to the pre-purchase homework. Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you can be guaranteed countless hours of driving pleasure in the car of your dreams.

Here are 10 car shopping tips that would help you to make a decision.

1) Knowing what car you want before you start making the rounds of dealerships can save both time and money. As it is human nature to get distracted in the showroom by flashy cars that costs more, it is better to decide what car you want first. Draw up a list of all models and shortlist from there.

2) To buy the right vehicle at the best price, it is important to do your homework before starting to make rounds at the shop. Decide how much you can afford and how much you are willing to pay before you shop for a vehicle. The best way is to refer to car magazines or read expert reviews and user feedback and form an idea about which model works best for you like play euromillions.

3) It’s always a good idea to visit as many dealers in your area and compare many makes and models side-by-side. There are multiple dealers for all manufacturers and pick the one that you like most.

4) Compare financing rates from local lenders to find the best deals on new-car loans. Weigh all the finance options and go for the one that suits you. There are multiple banks that are ready to finance. Check the fine print closely before finalizing.

5) Research your present vehicle’s fair-market trade-in value. It is better to shop at competing dealers to make a compare of prices on the same vehicle.

6) Test-drive the exact car you have decided upon. List out all the doubts and clarifications and cross check with both the dealer representative and opinions across portals and with those you know who own the model.

7) Be a strong negotiator with the dealer salesman. You may get a good discount.

8) Do not rush when you make that final deal. Make sure that you understand every charge that you have been charged off.

9) Before you sign the final sale contract, read the entire contract. Be certain you understand exactly what you are buying.

10) While taking delivery, do a thorough match off of what is being offered against what was promised and check off from a check list of all parts and features being in perfect working condition.


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